Many of our problems in life (health, marriage, problems of materialistic nature, business, problems with children, diseases from dependence, dependence on medicines, drugs etc, spiritual connections etc.) have connections with a family in which we live, with a family in which we grew up as well as family from which our parents derived better know as our ancestors. This is what I call our Ancestral Health that was inherited by us. Some of these items in life we have control over but others we cannot control.  In other words we were at the mercy of our ancestral genes. Some of our genes were in control but some were out of control.  Whom we marry and decide to sire children with; should be of great interest to both couples. Farmers took a lot of stock in selecting their breed of animals and adopted good practices before breeding their animals. We have evolved today beyond this and it is not acceptable for humans to want to select a mate accordingly; it is unacceptable by our man made laws or prejudices. The question is can prejudice be unhealthy when selecting your mate for life Do not animals select the strongest one in the field?
We receive from our ancestors not only the color of our hair, tendency toward epilepsy, heart diseases, but also a variety of psychological stresses, traumas and pains among which many are on the level of secrecy. Secrecy about what was what and who had what?? Since long ago people have experienced one feeling, which they transformed into saying "". When grandparents eat sour grapes the grandchildren's teeth turn numb. Relationship attributes was a passing to each other even spirituality, myths, religions, old wife’s tales, remedies, and so on and so on; depending on what continent you came from.  Old wife tales remedies and words passed down by our ancestors should be a part of our everyday life and should be taken in stride. Some of those old wonderful words can shape and maybe save our lives/take our lives and our children in the future of our relationships with each and others. Should not we not as individuals take more care in selecting our mates nor should we choose uncaring about such issues. I leave this responsibility to you and others who have to make the selection in the future. In love is sometimes a dangerous situation to address toward the passing on of the genes….Should you use love or intellect in choosing????
    Person suffering chronic illness or a hand me down disease often comes from a family where there are many "unfinished businesses" in the past. Society has termed this as being prejudice; but is it not being wise about your mate. Do we want to select a mate with problems existing from the unknown genes that he or she arrived from?  Can we not select wisely without breaking the law of society? Hush now before the man hears you and chastises you. Is society rules and regulations the blame for unhealthy people that we know???  You will have to answer that yourself; I will not touch that myself.
    For example: Family whose members have serious emotional problems, serious conflicts within members going on, or just a lot of feeling of guilt, fear and resentment. Sometimes, those conflicts and entangling are on unconscious level, and a person is not aware of it. If those conflicts and problems are not addressed, health, if achieved, is just an illusion, short term experience. All of these mentioned above will be passed forward to you and your mate just like pensions of the government from family to family. Hush Now!!!!!! May the Creator help us all? Heal thyself Mother Earth keeps crying out to us.  If we started earlier in life with supplemental health then we would achieve better health in our later years.  A good early health is the foundation of a later health. If we only understood what we adapted health wise will follow us through life to the end if not lived properly when we are young.
    MOST SERIOUS HEALTH PROBLEMS comes from difficult relationship between people. If we could only have some type of test before choosing; But, for most people, dealing with those problems is not easy. It wasn’t for me. Being married with the "wrong" person sometimes takes a life time to get over and sometimes you never get over it, being divorced, being unable to communicate with your kids is not easy. Takes a long time to learn, to adjust, to forgive, and to tolerate. To just say maybe I was also to blame for all those mistakes; it is said that it takes two to tango; but it also take two to achieve martial harmony.  Unfortunately, people who need changes the most, those who are seriously ill, are just too ill to realize it. Most people get so involved in being sick they want pity and seek remorse and just want to be depressed all the time. They have selected to be in such a state and continue to think that is the only way life is supposed to be.  Most sick people are just too sick to even try simple and easy things like water cure, liver cleanse, juicing, lemonade diet.   Many areas of discovery to those that want to try Alternative, Natural Medicines, Supplements and even Allopathic Medicines.
    Family and Subconscious plays a big part in our health. When we are talking about subconscious, we are talking about our past. Our brain is an intricate supply of ideas, thoughts and vibrations. It can house thoughts and vibrations in our ever-day life; also vibrations from years and years ago. Maybe thousands or years ago from Quantum living in the past. "Beside the color of our eyes or tendency toward epilepsy, from our ancestors we inherit various kinds of feelings, tragedies, traumas, tempers, tresses, misfortunes. We also inherit the terror and fear of living in poverty (nevertheless of our temporary status)." We are bombarded daily from the above listed traumas. "Families have numerous levels on which they exist and on which they function in the same way as

each of us individually. There is a difference between the visible (so called manifesting) level of family's relationship and the level of hidden feelings, games and positions (so called latent level). The pathological balance frequently exists on exactly this hidden level, which, after long-term stagnation of energy, creates sickness or pathological process to that family or to their members."
    "Today we are aware of the fact that any serious emotional trauma that happened in the past to you (or your parents) can have a significant affect on the continual state of your health.  People can also strongly suffer from emotional trauma inherited from parents who lived areas of rejection, alcoholism, drugs, or ancient separation during birth; adoption, given away when in childhood and carted off to a orphans home and subjected to a changing your religious beliefs. This happened to me when I was a child and dramatically changed my life forever. Whether it was good or bad was left for me to decide.
    All this turmoil invades the descendents and brings them in an emotional state, which they don't remember experiencing at all. We can frequently see how, in families, children reflect their parents, as if they are looking in the mirror. Can you ever remember as a child looking in the mirror and mimicking your parents; selecting their old clothes and wearing their hats? Playing with each other and dressing up as grown ups. Everyone thought; such a lovely little child but in all reality, you were just living out a fantasy that was passed down into your subconscious mind. Really think of this and you will see yourself in that mirror as your own parents.  You wanted to be just like them. Sickness and all.  The characteristics that they have taken from their parents or some distant ancestor include the tendency toward depression, fear, self-criticism, lack of conscience, self-rejection, etc. It is therefore very clear that the emotional trauma is the main reason for bad health." "Unfinished businesses within family can block and take away the energy. These can be various family secrets about family's conflicts, murders, war sufferings, rapes, religious intolerance's, adultery, frauds, plunders, betrays, etc."  "By finishing the unfinished business a lot of life energy can be released." "Secrets and lies within the family are very important, because the secrets, hidden thoughts and feelings are those that produce the unfinished business and knots. Those knots can be harmful. Very often almost whole family energy is spent to keep some secret on the safe place, so the members of the family hardly have strength for anything else in life."  This is a sickness that was accepted by the family and very few challenged it. In the old days nobody wanted to start a conflict with his/her neighbors; in other words it was nobody else’s business. That was the attitude back then.
   Spirit is a part of us that is connected to emotions and in this way it knows all truths from the beginning to the end. The Creator said he was alpha and omega; beginning and end.  It is not like mind which analyses, interprets, judges, synthesizes and babbles, babbles, babbles, etc.  It's but a picture.  A lot of things that determine our lives, happiness and health belong to those levels and it processes beyond the level of our consciousness. Not only does there exist a large subconscious part of us connected to our individual lives from the beginning until present moment, but also there exist a large part in that subconscious that is filled with various important elements from the whole evolution, from prehistoric human until today. As in some unimaginably big computer, tidily in our subconscious we have sorted files that possess all the emotionally important information from the prehistoric days until today.  Beside individual and collective subconscious, in subconscious part of us there exists one more "sector" in which are placed files that possess something that is called familiar subconscious. This is something that we inherit from our ancestors through our genetics. These are furthermore those "programs" in our lives that are often, automatically and unconsciously happening and determining our destiny. Therefore we, beside the color of our eyes or tendency toward epilepsy, inherit various kinds of feelings, tragedies, traumas, tempers, stresses, also the pain of midwife whose children are dying while giving them birth, the misfortune of their mother to whom they forbid to marry the love of her life, we also inherit the terror and fear of living in poverty (nevertheless of our temporary status).  "That is why we often notice within family, for example, five generations of lawyers or seven generations of doctors or four generations of alcoholics, suicides, schizophrenics, divorces, etc." The mold of pattern sometimes is inherited within  our species.
    It is important to learn what is right and what is wrong, in relationship with people. It is important to regret doing things that are bad. It is important to forgive to those who regretted. It is important to forgive to yourself. It is important to learn from mistakes. It is important to love your parents; you’re ex partners, your present partners, your children.   It is important to do good to people. This is a healthy way of life. It is important to do good to the children. It is important to support your children. The best that parents can do for their own children is to love the other half. Lack of this love may cause imbalances that will be felt through generations. Don’t say as a parent “Do as I say” but say “Do as I do. Always make sure you are living a correct life so you can make those statements. This is a type of medicine that is being ignored in this day and time. The attitude is just to ignore it and it will go away; that is not so it will just grow and finally explode into a greater problem. Deal with it before it gets out of had and destroys the whole family. This is strong medicine which should be address in the circle of the family.  This information is for educational purposes only.
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