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Pink is the color of youth, rejuvenation, sensitivity, idealism, and talent. Although it may appear among other colors that are dull or discolored, pink in the aura is always bright and radiant. It is closely associated with the young or youth. It correlates a positiveoutlook onlife, and a strong self-image.
    It is also associated with longevity. Pink is ofent found in the auras of men and women with humnaitarian interests. People who want to save the planet, whales, houses for humanity, protection of other species and many other traits. They are usually moderate in the political views but will stand their ground for the protection of animals and Mother Earth. They like to be known as saviours of the historical era's and arts.

Purple is a rare color in a persons aura. It is usually associated with abstract beings and philosophical persons. These people are usually creative and artistic.They usually often disagree among themselves
and usually feel that they are above the opinions of the experts. Wealth usually comes easily for them and they usually consider material assets to be secondary. They usually settle for careers that they are free to pursue their personal interests. Purple is usually predominant in the auras of ministers, and philosophers.

Orange isusually found among people who are strong achievers.  They are usually social people who persue careers that require considerable social interaction, such as in politics and sales.  They are ususally independent and competitive. They almost always possess strong persuasive skills. Their energies are sometimes scattared and sometimes dont complete important tasks. The discolor of the orange aura is associated with impatience, egotism, and low tolerance for frustration and emotional instability.
Gray is the aura that can shadow illness, adversity and when expansive throughout the aura, even death.  Illness is usually indicated by grayish discoloration in the innermost region of the aura.  Small areas of dark gray can mean a particualr serious health problem or condition, such as an organ dysfunction, depending on the location of the color. When operating with another person and healing with the Medicine Wheel healing you can use one person to consetrate on the persons body and tell the healer what color you see. Usually the spot affected will be gray.
Red in the aura occurs typicall as either a sudden flash or a relatively small byut intense area of coloration. It is usuall associated with impulsive behavior and strong emotion upheaval. Outbursts of ange and make the reddness appear in your aura. Like we said for feeling blue, then common expression "seeing red" to signify anger may have a literal basis in the aura. It could be used to signal attention or command our attention. It seemed that persons who played sports didnt have very much red in their aura's since they were able to dissipate or throw off impulsive behavior with contact of another person.

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