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Colors of the Aura

    Energies that display color that is generated from a magnetic field (spiritual signature) surrounding the human body signals is the eminence of our existence as an immortal life force in this universe. The Creator, (God), (Great Spirit), has told us through his writings and his speaking to prophets and Elders that we are eternal. We have the eternal aura that is surrounding our bodies.  Some Native American tribes call the Cherokee the People that came from the stars.  To get to know yourself is to get to know your aura. Interpreting the color within your aura is an important area which each person should try to perceive or understand.  Colors are used in many societies for healing, white for purity or religious functions, red to signify courage, black to signify grief, and in the military they are used for concealment and different flags for different messages. Colors are used to distinguish the difference in the seasons and our forefathers read the changes of color in Mother Nature to understand the changes in their environment. Colors mean a lot to our everyday lives, the way we dress, therefore changing our lives daily according to the colors that we see and wear. You could say that when you tap into the healing power of your Aura the possiblities of healingo neself and other are limitless.  You can accelerate your mind to connect and unleash your internal healing and wellness energies using the power of your mental, physical, and mental attributes to heal. You can fortify your immune system, repair damaged tissue, restore normal organ function and most of all understand your spiritual signature which surrounds your own body and also Mother Earth's.
    Some individuals auras are represented by many different colors. This is called the Rainbow Aura. The rainbow aura consists of patterns of a variety of colors arranged, often in tones of softness, to form  colors ranging from white to orange. This represents some personal traits such as intelligence, humanitarian concerns, social interests, knowledge integrityu, generosity, and self reliance.  People who possess the rainbow aura seem to be a part of the best of all the world.

    Blue is a very good aura color to have.  My Aura is more blue at times. It ranges from a shade of White to Orange but mostly it is blue. Light blue is associated with balance, tranquillity, flexibility and optimism.  Deep blue is associated with mental alertness and emotional control. This seems to be found in people  that have self-insight and empathy for others.  These type of people seem to be healers and are interested in helping others to be healed.  The deeper shades of blue are asscoiated with individuals that are sharp-witted and self disciplined.
    Dull blue anywhere in the aura is associated with negative stress, pessimism, despondency, and insecurity. The common expression feeling blue could have its origin in your subconscious  awareness of dull blue in your aura.

    Bright green in the aura signifies healing energy, self strivings, and raised consciousness, particularly concerning gloval conditions.  Typically the auras of health care professionals, physicians, nurses, clinical and counseling pyschologists, psychiatrists, psychic healers, and social workers are usually associated with green auras. If not all green then they will have traces of bright green in their auras. It is also found in students planning careers in health services and health care fields.  Dull green in the human aura is related to pessimism, inner conflict and personal unfullfillment.  A very dull green with shades of gray usuall is a warning of personal catastrophe or other serious adversity, including physical illness.

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