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I was placed and cared for in a white orphans home near Louisville, (Ky. Children’s Home) & (Highland), near Jackson, Kentucky in a small town called Guerrant, it wasn't even a town, it was just a post office. I can remember it was isolated from civilization, they had to carry the mail across the mountain by horseback. There were few people who lived up the hollows and we were self sustaining. We were mountain people and we ate off the land as much as  we could. I can remember eating deer, possum, ground hog, squirrels, rabbits, pheasants, fish, turtle and quail. We had a lot of nuts, hickory, walnuts, chestnuts, hazelnuts, acorns, beechnuts, and a few more.  We were poor but everyone seemed happy.  We  would  go out into the woods and fields and pick herbs and plants to eat and heal us.  We milked our own cows and  we even grew large gardens to help us survive, we still needed Mother Earth for the herbs and her plants to survive.   We had field trips at school and we would go into the fields and woods and learn to identify the many plants that were medicinal and the plants that we could eat. I remember going with an older man to pick and harvest ginseng.  This man was very intelligent because he always told me not to dig all of it because we needed to leave some for seed for the next year.  We always gave thanks in our humble way to Mother Earth, God-Great Spirit for giving us Mother Earth and her bountiful gifts. After I left there I went to stay with my grandfather for a while. I can remember going with my grandfather when he would glean Mother Earth for our medicines and food. We were poor people but the Creator (God) blessed us with vast knowledge of how to survive. This was passed on from generation to generation. I am thankful that the Great Spirit (God) gave me my grandfather so that I might receive this wonderful gift of knowledge. I have come to know and understand the words of my Grandfather when he said that knowledge was power and power was knowledge.  We would gather herbs and hang them up and let them dry.  I am retired and live near Manchester, Kentucky .  There are many herbs that grow wild here that could be picked and dried.  We had a lot of medicinal plants that we eat and a lot that we picked and dry for their medicinal purposes.  you can gather ginseng, bloodroot, yellow root, pansies, violets, nettle, mullein, burdock, dock, kudzu, acrons, Queen Anne's lace, plantain, dandelion, wild mushrooms,  hickory nuts, walnuts, beechnuts, sumac (stag horn), hazelnuts, chicory, pop paws, mulberrys, wild onions , grapes, locust blooms, poke weed  and many many more. Walks with Hawks Herbal Teas are blended individually.  We always use fresh herbs that are stored in quart jars and sealed and kept in darkness so they will continue to hold freshness and medicinal properties for at least 6-8 months under darkness.  We are not masters of the art but we are masters in creating a fine tasting, medicinal, beneficial tea using fresh , organic, and beautiful plants that Mother Earth gives us.  We indivually blend each order to profile you or your ailment; we select the small batches so that we can retain, the quality, taste, freshness and medicinal properties.  When we receive an order we quickly profile it and cross reference for actions and uses and also list any comments or cautions that you should be aware of pertaining to your health or well being.  We treat our customers as individuals and we honor our commitment and quality.  We still think that we are all brothers and sisters and we still need each other to survive.  I have been drinking herbal teas for 20 plus years and have been retired for about 12 years and have devoted my life to helping others with natural health and herbs.  This is my path to help others so that they may help themselves and receive the same blessing of good health and wonderful gifts that Mother Earth has to offer.  I attended Somerset Community College and took Art & Painting for 1 year. I have graduated from Clayton College of Natural Health and have my Batchelor of Science Degree in Natural health. I also attended Amarillo College and have a Associate Degree in Electronics.  I also became interested in aviation and hold a Private Pilot License that i got when I was discharged from the Armed Forces. I now belong to a small Native American Descendants Tribe.  We are not government affiliated and really down want to be.  They selected me to be the Medicine Man and I let the spirit guide me.  I cannot prescribe or diagnose your health but I can help you to understand your body and let it heal itself through proper diet, rest, menal attitude, and spirituality.
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