We are on the brink of the most chilling, and devastating war on our planet Earth.  Millions of people will die if we don't change our way of dealing with our lives.  The enemies are not the terrorists, not the enemies of truth, not the enemies of any nation, but enemies that have no conscience.  They are invisible, invincible and we created them.  They are know as diseases, viruses, and bacteria.  This fight is already here and most of us have them invading our body at this moment.  Many diseases and disorders can be treated effectively with natural herbs, medicinal herbs, and other recipes or remedies.  All of these treatments are safer than the pills that are being dispensed by others.  Most all herbs have no side effects and if you consume them in tea forms then you get a general maintenance dose each day.  The drug companies are going to say that their pills and whatever they dispense are better.  It is money game as usual. 
    They will say their pills are stronger, but maybe they are and the stronger they are then the side effects are also stronger.  They usually do not treat the disease but mask the symptom and the virus or disease lays dormant in your body until your immune system becomes weakened by another disorder then it attacks.
    In the United States , herbal remedies were used widely until the 1900's, when what was to become the modern pharmaceutical industry began isolating individual active compounds and then began making and producing drugs based on them.  Counterfeiting or trying to duplicate a manmade substance that  was to take the place of herbal medicines became to be known  as modern medicines of this present day in time.. Drugs that have damaging side effects.  All medicines that are prescribed have more side effects than the initial attributes's of healing that the suppliers or pharmaceutical companies tell you on each package. For each ailment that they profess to cure then there is usually 5-15 side effects that will damage or maybe even kill you.  Take a walk someday with a Herbalist and let him show you what Mother Earth has to offer you.  It is a simple way of life to just walk thru Nature's Pharmacy.  It is breathtaking to think of her healing power and God, The Great Spirit, The Creator; or whatever you wish to call him has placed all these gifts here for us to use for our ailments and disorders.  It is the Great Spirit's Natural Pharmacy to for us and Mother Earth is writing the prescriptions.  No cash, No checks, no prescriptions, no FDA rules, No government control, just the patience of time to let her work her magnificent healing power thru the Great Spirit (God)
    I will be first to admit that Green is Lean and Mean, I mean that there are plants on this earth that will heal just about anything that we have. I have been taking herbs for about 15 years and have never had a side effect from one yet. I can share an experience with you, I was admitted to a hospital, I will not give the name, but the doctor who was administering medicine to me gave me the wrong medicine.  It stopped my heart for quite a long period of time, almost 3 minutes.  I had a OBE (Out of Body Experience) and went to the Spirit world.  Ever since then I became a dedicated person to Nutritional Healing and Herbal Healing.  I hope that this testimony will help you to further investigate Mother Nature's Healing Medicinal Plants.
This information is for educational only and is not to be construed as medical adivce. Always consult your health care provider or Physcian for information concerning your health.

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