Here is a description of the nine-part breathing technique refer red to as "mental floss" for clearing the noisy mind:  First, inhale through your right nostril and exhale through your left nostril.  This can be done by using the index finger of the right hand to close your nostril that your' re not breathing through. I think that  most people breathe through their right nostril. It has been said that the right side of the brain controls the left nostril and the left side of the brain controls the right nostril. As you inhale, close the left nostril, and breathe in through the right nostril.  Then shift your finger to close the right nostril and exhale effortlessly and easily through the left nostril.  Repeat this for three full breaths.  Then inhale through your left nostril and exhale through your right nostril three times.  Finally, resting your hands in your lap, inhale and exhale through both nostrils three times, breathing as evenly as you can.  Check in with yourself and notice any subtle shifts that have occurred in how your physical energy is flowing.  Once you have mastered this technique it may become your favorite balancing tool.
    The story of balance in our  personal lives unfolds within a large context of wholeness, but it begins from the inside out.  That's why we begin by building and understanding the foundation of this bigger picture.  We need to learn the skill for cultivating a balanced way of living.  This skill is known as an inner awareness balled mindfulness.  By developing mindfulness it  gives us an inner guidance system that helps us to know when we are headed off course of balance then we can correct ourselves and find our way back on tract.  With this foundation to guide and support us, we are ready to begin the  journey of turning toward balance, the most critical journey of our time.
    The two primary states of being are walking in balance, staying on the rope.  The other state is tumbling, mindless, fearful and out of control.  We are always either walking mindfully and fully present on our rope, or  we are to some degree tumbling.  Once we realize that  we are tumbling then you are already moving back toward balance and you land back on the rope.
    The five zones of experience are, The Burnout Zone, The Upper Learning Zone, "The Zone" of Optimal performance (which is embedded within the heart of the Learning Zone), The Lower Learning Zone, and The Rust out  Zone.  The Burnout Zone is when your cross the line and the quality of homeostatic balance begins to slip, you quickly lose strength and vitality and slip into a potentiality dangerous state. The harder you struggle, the more exhausted and out of balance you become.  The Upper Learning Zone is where heightened difficulties and distress stimulate your learning.  If the challenges increase further still, you are then in danger
of entering the Burnout  Zone.  The Zone is a state of grace marked by effortless ease, power, precision, flow ecstasy, certainty, or invincibility. People in the zone are confident, highly efficient, and equipped with skills adequate to meet the demands of their situation.  The Lower Learning Zone is the portion that  is at the lower part of the Zone.  It extends beyond the learning zone.  It has realms of both increasing and decreasing challenges.  If things get increasingly bad then you are prone to enter the Rustout Zone.  T he Rustout Zone is the area when you cross the line from the Lower Learning Zone.  When you cross that line and quality of health, homeostatic balance begins to slip: you quickly lose strength and vitality and slip0 in a potentially dangerous state.  The harder you struggle, the more exhausted you become.  You are in danger.  You enter the Burnout Zone from the Upper Learning Zone.  You suffer from extreme frustration, exhaustion, and low esteem, people often lapse into life-threating despair or lash out in angry violent ways.  Sometimes they may decide to take their own lives. This when everything is out of balance. It is no different then watching a right handed person trying to throw a stone with his left arm. Until he becomes balanced with the idea that he can throw with either hand then it is very difficult. Many things in life can teach us a lesson about balance.  We can also watch Mother Earth and see her grasping and groaning to stay in balance when we as individuals are helping to keep her unbalanced. We are one and if Mother Nature and the animals are out of balance then we as brothers and sisters to all things; then we are communicating unbalance to all. The Universe is becoming unbalanced. We will surely reap the harvest of what we have done wrong to all and as dwellers on Mother Earth we should awaken each day and pray for guidance to unravel the web of life and try to live at peace with all brothers and sisters be they human or animals. They will understand if you will try to communicate with balance.
    I think the five benefits of maintaining a state of mindfulness balance are:  improved focus, concentration, and precision, enhanced quality of communication to all, and relationships.  Heightened clarity of your thinking, intentions, and greater peace of mind, and sense of flow.  Mastery of stress, insight and enhanced intuitive wisdom of thing we need to understand.  More authenticity, heart, soul, and caring in your life work of trying to keep all in balance.  If we keep balanced maybe others can see our aura of balance and its glow will be a light of reckoning to all that care about our survival.