Anxiety disorder is a common problem within this society today.  It can affect people in their early teens and last
through the middle ages and even later.  Anxiety disorders seem to affect twice as many women as men.  Anxiety
disorder can be either acute or chronic.  Acute anxiety disorder manifests itself in episodes called panic attacks. 
Panic attacks are usually abrupt and intense  They can occur anytime of the day or night. Many people become fearful of being alone or visiting public places with many people.  Anxiety disorders may be hereditary to some extent, as it seems to run in families.  Anxiety disorder manifest itself in many different ways. 
Bilberry:  A flavonoid that neutralizes free radicals and helps them to be removed from the body.
Milk Thistle: Helps protect the liver from free radicals and helps rebuild new liver cells.
Catnip:  Promotes relaxation and aid in preventing panic attacks.
Skullcap:  Aids sleep, improves circulation.  Good for anxiety, fatigue, hyperactivity, nervous disorders.  Useful in treating barbiturate addiction and drug withdrawal. Caution should not be given to children under six years of age.
Lavender flowers:  Relieves Stress and depression and is beneficial to the skin. Good for headaches, psoriasis, and skin disorders.
Peppermint:  For Flavoring.
Directions:  Use one packed small tea ball to 3 cups of water for medicinal-strength tea.  Use distilled water or pure spring water for increased herbal strength and effectiveness.  Bring water to a boil, remove from heat, add herbs and steep covered off heat:  10 to 15 minutes for a leaf-flower tea; 15-20 minutes for  a root-bark tea.  Keep lid down during steeping so volatile oils don’t escape.  Use a teapot of glass, ceramic, or earthenware, not aluminum.  Never use Teflon coated utensils. Aluminum can negate the effect of the herbs as the metal dissolves into the hot liquid and gets into the body.  Drink medicinal teas in small sips throughout the day rather than all at once.  One-half to one cup, taken 3 to 4 times a day allows absorption of the tea, without  passing before it has a chance to work.
The Federal Drug Administration has not evaluated any of these statements.  None of the herbs or products are intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any type of ailment or disease. Take at own risk.
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