Common Cold Herbal Tea
    It is hard to say anything about a common cold that everyone does not know, It seems as though that everyone has had one. It is an infection of the upper respiratory tract caused by a virus. Symptoms include head congestion, nasal congestion, sore throat, coughing, headache, sneezing, and watery eyes. If you are exposed to someone who has a cold then it will be three to seven days until you get sick if your immune system is not strong enough to fight the virus.  There seems to be about 150-200 viruses that can cause a cold.  We seem get a sore throat, sneezing, watery eyes, sometimes fever, cannot rest, and aches and pains and a few more symptoms.  If you are getting colds than your body is telling you that your immune system needs a boost.  My herbs will not cure the cold but will help you to get back on your feet again.
Astragalus: Helps promote the multiplication of the white blood cells that are vital for fighting infection.
Chickweed: Reduces mucus buildup, useful for bronchitis, colds, coughs and a good source of             Vitamin C.
Echinacea: Posses antiviral activity against colds, flu, and viruses. Also activates certain                      properties in the body to alert the immune system to fight against viruses and bacteria. Caution: Should not be used by persons allergic to plants in the sunflower family.
Fenugreek: Helps asthma and sinus problems by reducing mucus. Good for inflammation and                lung disorders
Mullein: Useful for asthma, bronchitis, difficulty breathing, hay fever and swollen glands.                         Expectorant effect.
Peppermint: For flavoring and slightly anesthetizes mucous membranes.
Parsley:  Contains more Vitamin C than oranges by weight. Also contains  a substance thjast prevents the multiplication of tumor cells. Note:  Contains more vitamin C than oranges by weight.
Considerations: Try to assume your regular duties around the house because laying in the bed too much helps mucus buildup.. Drink lots of liquids, especially fruit juices that contain a lot of Vitamin C. Drink hot soups. Wash your hands often. Stay away from people who are sick. Since there is no cure for the common cold prevention is the best method of not getting one.

Directions: Use one teaspoon of bulk herbs to a cup of water or one tea bag, place in microwave and heat for 3 minutes.  Steep for 4-5 minutes.  If using bulk tea strain through paper towel or strainer. I use a strainer because i like to get the sediments for they have a lot of medicinal properties. Garnish with honey or lemon or whatever you want.

The Federal Drug Administration has evaluated none of these statements.  None of the herbs or products is intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any type of ailment or disease.
Consult your physician or health care provider before using herbal tea or herbs.


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