Conscious Awareness
    We need to travel further back within our spiritual life and seek the balance of understanding of our physical bodies and our spirit.  I want to try to make you aware that there must be a harmony between all functions, The Great Spirit (God), our spirits, bodies, and our Aura. You can think of this energy as thoughts, mind, soul, spirit and all that has been breathed into us by the Great Spirit.
    We are beings of Light, We are hu-mans (divine mortals-Cherokee), without our spirit and without the Light we would die a spiritual and physical death.  This light is composed of small or minute wavelengths that operate on a certain frequency that surrounds our body. Each individual has his or her own frequency, yet it it comes from the same light saving force, the Great Spirit.  This light or frequency is linked to all things that are in our world and out of our world even to the cosmos areas. This light or frequency is your spirit or aura and it will travel through time and dimensions and once again be propelled to the great light in the heavens. This energy extends beyond our bodies and am maybe even to different planes of existence or different worlds.  This is how the Shaman's, Medicine Men, Seers, and Healers have worked wonders and have traveled in time and healed others.
    When a person becomes sick it is a process of disharmony or a malfunction of your Aura or energy field.  Sometimes it is the disruption of the wavelength of the magnetic field of energy which is called the Aura or Spiritual Signature.  When your Aura is disturbed by emotion, sickness or malfunctions of the mind then it must be placed back in alignment or in proportion to the human body. This is called Aura Alignment.  The Ancient Doctors, Shamans, and Medicine Men used feathers to align the Aura or adjust to the human (Hu-Man-Divine Mortal) with the body. They could see the similarity of the fiber of the feather in relationship to the energy field or the body's Aura. This was also a psychological process in reason that the person would be relieved of stress and other ailments therefore the Aura was again properly aligned.  The patient could then began to recover from the sickness.  When we were created we were created in the Image of the Great Spirit to never be ill.
    If you can visualize the movement of a feather in the wind , it becomes disturbed as the grass in the meadow when the wind blows.  It becomes ruffled by the movement of wind or disturbed air.  This is where the old statement "ruffle your feathers" came from. It can also become ruffed if you are subjected or bombarded by germs and other diseases that can make your body ill.
    Think of your body as the earth  Foreign objects that bombard our atmosphere that come from outer space are constancy bombarding the magnetic field that protects Mother Earth.  Most of these objects burn up as they enter Mother Earth atmosphere or its magnetic field.  Some do penetrate and are very harmful to us.
    Some type of action must be taken to distribute the movement of the Aura that flows around our bodies.
This is the Aura that was given to us from Mother Earth when the Great Spirit molded us from her. We must realize that we are very much like the earth. She is our Mother and The Great Spirit is our Spiritual Father.
This magnetic field that supplies our energy for our Aura is slowly dissipating from Mother Earth. There are more diseases  and germs prevalent for us to9 come into contact with.  This magnetic field can be measured. The measurement is called a measurement of Gauss.  It used to be 10 gauss and now is measured at .02.  Once as human beings we lost contact with Mother Earth we therefore have lost a significant amount of our magnetic healing.  Animals knew when they would lie close to the earth that their healing would be accelerated. Medicine Men could simply take the feather and move it in proximity and around the body and their spirit of medicine was very strong.  The process of their strong Aura or magnetic field was a direct connection to the body of the individual being healed. You can think of it like jump starting a battery.
    The Medicine Men or Shamans had that knowledge to heal.  Their healing was in progress an they confronted each disease that penetrated the Aura Shield or the body. Faith was prevalent within their mind and the Light was abundant in their Souls.  The Great Spirit was the Light of the Mother Earth and of the Universe therefore the healing was progressive.  The Medicine Men were just a channel from him.
    Animals use the magnetic field to navigate.  If an animal becomes lost it can use its spiritual senses to find its way back home by honing  in on the magnetic fields. Migratory birds use magnetic clues to find their way south in fall and north in spring. Whales, Salamanders, Frogs and other animals use the magnetic field for orientation when they have to find the direction of the nearest shore or to their feeding grounds..  Mother Earth is surrounded by a blanket of air, which we call the atmosphere.  It reaches 348 miles from the surface of Mother Earth.  We are only able to see what occurs fairly close to the ground.  Somehow early Shamans, Medicine men and Seers were able to see or have visions of other places.
    Life on Mother Earth is supported by the atmosphere, solar energy, and our planet's magnetic field.  The atmosphere absorbs the energy from the Sun, recycles the water and other chemicals and works with other chemicals, electrical and magnetic forces to provide a moderate climate for us.
    There will be a great shakening of Mother Earth, earthquakes, maybe such a shakening that there will be a flip flop of Mother Earth and the magnetic fields.
    With this Aura and Mother Earth's magnetic field we will die.  We need to try to be reverent to our Mother and protect her and her animals. Always take what you need to survive but always leave some for seed so that our children will enjoy Mother Earth also. Wa Do.
These statement arefor educational purposes only.
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