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         I would venture to say that there are natural cures for most any disease on the earth.  We know that we have the pharmaceutical industry and we also have the protector of all of us who are sick they are know as the Federal Drug Administration and then we also have the Federal Trade Commission.  We also have many other groups that are administrating us to our deaths.  We should be asking ourselves why are these companies so interested in us as people who are sick.  Well the answer is control and money. Money and Power. The greatest motivating power on this earth is money.  If you have control of the monetary system then you have control of the citizens or people.  As we say money makes the world go around.  It is simply stated and it is simply true.  It is also written that the love of money is the root of all evil.  The love of money, which is the definition of greed, is in fact the root of evil.  Think about the obvious facts.  Ninety percent of all people in prison today are there because of a money related crime.  Money is such a powerful force that people will kill, maimed, commit any type of action to get it.  People's insatiable desire to have money actually drives them to kill other human beings.  Did you know that all traded companies have a legal responsibility to increase profits, it's the law.  Think about it with rare exception, every single business has one objective, that objective is to make a profit or more money. 
    Lets look at the drug industry.  Let's say you sell insulin to diabetics.  Would you be happy for your company that made insulin if someone else discovered an herb that when taken cured a person's diabetes so that they never needed insulin again.  No you would not. You would go out of business very soon. What if I told you that there is such a cure and the person who discovered it was offered thirty million dollars by a large pharmaceutical company not to market it. As we say it all about greed and money.
    The Healthcare profession is one of the largest areas for curing, prevention and diagnosis of diseases today.
They are the most profitable industry in America and in the world also.  As long as people stay sick there are enormous amounts of money to be made.  These companies do not was anyone taking herbs and getting and also they do not want the FDA to approve the herbs.  The only they will approve an herb is to control it and have you go thru a pharmacist with a prescription and make you pay an outstanding price for it when you can go out in your back yard and pick it yourself.  What a laugh. We can gather weeds and get well.  It is written that my people die from lack of knowledge. 
    A healthy person does not need all the prescription pills and medicine today.  There is no incentive for the drug companies if most people were well and disease free.  They would cease to exist. As long as you are sick you are a potentially good customer.  So sickness is the overwhelming incentive or drive for the drug or health care industry to make money.
    We have to face the truth the bottom line is that the healthcare industry has no incentive for curing disease but they do have an incentive of developing drugs that have such side effects when taken that you will need to return so that you can get more pills for the side effects.  What a laugh. Sounds crazy but think it is true. It is all about money. Sick people insure profits. The more people that are sick then the companies get richer and richer. They dont want to hear about a weed or plant that can cure anything.  Of course they want tighter control and they lobby for the FDA and FTC to control and eliminate any herb that might be helpfully. All natural remedies and cures are being suppressed and hidden from us just because greedy people and corporations want to make money.  Yes they want to make money by keeping us sick.  Who do you think is involved. Oh! yes, you think that the FDA is protecting you.  It isn't protecting you but it is killing you.  What they are doing is as different as night or day. 
    Drugs and surgery are readily available for everyone who has the money to pay.  They are being promoted as the last resort or the only way to be cured.  The pharmaceutical companies are not the only ones it is a conglomerate, it is the companies that sell syringes, gauze, medical tapes, tubing, plastic bottles, and any other instrument or medical equipment.  Think of it. There are thousands of companies that are on the band wagon just because they want you to be sick, if not then they would not be in business.  The food companies are also involved when you are in the hospital think about how your food is regulated and measured and it has to be cooked specially for you or your disease. 
    The Trade Commissions are also involved in the health care industry.  These associations are not here to eliminate or to eradicate diseases. If you read their charters then you will realize they are here to promote themselves and also to promote the disease.  This is their effort to get additional funding and to protect their members.  Now lets think just who are their members. Oh! of course they are the drug companies and the physicians, pharmacists, psychiatrists, etc. Some of these associations are:  Amer Academy of Allergy, Asthma. Child and Adolescent Psychiatry, Facial Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery, Family Physicians, Neurology, Ophthalmology, Orthopedic Surgeons, Pediatrics, and thousands of others.  These organizations are powerful and have powerful lobbyists. Their only interest is to support their ideas to make money.


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