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    Drug companies pay millions of dollars to doctors, who are paid directly or indirectly from the drug industries, even some doctors are getting kick backs from the large Drug Stores Chains, and are even spokesmen for them.  They write books about health  benefits of certain drugs and never tell you except it will be in the small print of its side effects.  They dont want you to read it and most people dont because it was prescribed by your health care physician. You trust him and he trust you to keep on writing him a check, then you have to go to the drug store and write an even larger check for some pills that have been dispensed by a pharmacists.  The pills are killing America and also dumbing them down for the government.  The government doesn't was people who are smart they want dumb sick people who they can control. An intelligent person would never fall for such a scam. Are you falling for the scam? Ask yourself this question "Can I do something to better myself or my family?"
    We need to be scared of things that lurk behind lies within the drug industry.  It is a matter of life or death, which one you choose is up to the individuals themselves.  Which do you choose? I choose to trust the Creator and use Mother Earth's herbs and her possible cures. This is scary.  Don't we live in a free society? We live in America.  Lets look at this phrase, are we really free?  What if your speech threatens the profits or monetary gain of a large corporation?  You probably will be harassed by the local gestapo, lawyers, politicians, yes they are on the take also and fear the lobbyists. They make millions in the white house lobbying for all the drugs that will endanger your species and your life. It is called rattling your saber against city hall or larger governmental agencies.  You dont buck up against them, now is that freedom of speech., how can we even think that is permissible.  We are controlled. You are censored, that is the way they have control of your speech. It is written in the constitution that we are free, the 1st amendment states that we have the inalienable right from our Creator to be free, that also means free to speak our minds and souls.
    One of the better ways or best ways for the government to make the people believe is to write it down in a pamphlet form and put a government printing office number on it.  They then put it into circulation and the GDP (General Dumb Public) believes it is the gospel truth, They will say it is true the government said so.
The FDA has led the way in this battle against natural cures.  They say that it for our protection. Protect us so that the drug companies can administer death by slow processes.  The FDA claims that vitamins are so dangerous that we should have to get a prescription from a physician to buy them.  There was a outcry from the public and it was rejected by Congress.  In 1993 the FDA tried to classify certain minerals and amino acids as prescription drugs. There was another outcry by the public and Congress had to act again.  Now the Drug Companies are going after companies on the Internet who sell natural remedies via the Internet.  It claims we are selling drugs with a license.  Why do i need a license to go out side of my establishment and pick natural herbs and dry them ands then sell them for a small profit.  They want to control Mother Earth's plants now.  It has been proven the FDA, AMA, The Pharmaceutical Industry, and even the insurance companies are working together to discredit natural or alternative medicines.  The FDA knows that they cannot target too many herbs or natural plants at once, but they are smart they target them individually and we just say "Ah" there goes another herb or natural medicine but we have more.  Someday there will be no more and then what will we do.  Bow down to the golden calf? They these substances have not been tested, well they have been tested hundreds of years by the Native American, Europeans, South Americans, and all of the other indigenous people on Mother Earth.  The natural cures are not brought forth because you can with a little of intelligence go outside and gather you a handful and administer to your loved ones or yourself and in all probability get well.  The large pharmaceutical companies dont want us doing this they want to have control over us by dispensing more pills to keep us sick from the side effects.
    Well I hope I have persuaded you to take a look at what is going on around you.  If you have decided to seek appropriate care from a health care provider or from a person who sell herbs or herbal remedies then you should ask yourself why.  Here are the answers why you should investigate the green pharmacy.
Do I want to eliminate toxins from my body, do I want to clean up and repair damaged energy fields, do I
want to open up the energy channels in my body, do I want to stop and reduce or neutralize the negative electromagnetic energy that is attacking your energy field and body, do I want to put life giving herbs into my body, do I want to put food that is full of life-force energy into my body.  Do I want to use thoughts to alkalize the body instead of acidifying the body.  Positive energy equals a alkalize body and negative energy or stress acidifies the body and cancer lives and thrives on a body with an abundance of acid.  All this is just recommendations, hope you have enjoyed reading this.
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