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    Health is a state of complete physical, mental, and social wellbeing, and not merely the absence of disease and infirmities.  In other words you can be very ill by just being stressed, upset, moody, depressed. (Did you know that depression affects an estimated 17 million Americans each year, making it one of the most common medical problems in the United States.  It affects young and old, and is twice as common in women as in men.
The pharmaceutical companies are very pleased with people with depression.  They make millions of dollars on pills that are prescribed by the Physicians, Psychiatrists and other medical institutions. 
    There are many herbs that can help depression but they cannot be used unless your physician or medical advisor gradually decreases the dosage.  Most of the Physicians and Psychiatrists are negligent to do this because this will interrupt their monetary gain and also cut into the profits of the large institutions that are part of the trickle down economics of the medical conglomerate.  This goes on and on and on, there is no ending.  What am saying?  There are hundreds of thousands of individuals that are cured by Health Care Providers, Herbalists, Homeopathy, Home Remedies, and Herbs each day. The practitioners do not use drugs or surgery, they use natural herbs and natural remedies, all natural methods.  These individual patients who are cured know that these are all natural treatments work.  There are no complaints lodged with government agencies. The Creator (God) has given us this blessing to work with to heal and help our brothers and sisters. 
    The FDA and other government agencies are on a mission to stamp out and literally wipe our, obliterate, destroy all of these natural healthcare practitioners.  Now ask yourself why? Think, it is because it a monetary thing. (Money).  It would cut into the profits of the large drug companies. Well now you can see the light. It is all about money. They dont care about you they want you to be sick so you can ingest more medicine or pills each day.  It is written my people die from lack of knowledge.  We are becoming, not becoming we are now a country full of pill heads or dope heads made legal by our physicians and other medical practices. 
    Viruses, every day you  hear that viruses cannot be healed. The only way a virus can exists in your body is if your immune system is not functioning properly.(If you keep your ph factor normal, between 7-7.5 no disease   can function or stay within your body.  You must have the alkaline and acidity properly balanced.   This is another story maybe later in this attempt to help others to understand.) When you go to a physician they say that you have a virus and there is no cure for it.  Then they prescribe another antibiotic to help you get well. They are also on the take from the pharmaceutical companies.  They are given numerous new drugs to pass out to individuals and these drugs have numerous side effects that will kill you if the virus does not, Think of this, they have a monopoly. People are brainwashed by the health industry and people are thinking that they have to have an antibiotic at the drop of a hat.  People even go to their doctors and demand antibiotics and he supplies them so he won't loose their business, even if they dont need the antibiotic. If the doctor does not respond to the patient then the patient just goes to another doctor and then probably receives the antibiotic. They have prescribed so many of them that the germs have become resistant to most all drugs (except natural herbs). We are taught that all sickness, diseases, and illnesses are caused by genetic defects.  The doctors and health institutions are well to answer that the only help is through drugs.  Drugs are being researched today by large companies to solve the generic defect.  This will bring billions of dollars to the drug companies.  They have even listed obesity as a disease now and you can be helped by drugs, not letting you know the side effects.  Lets be realistic about the whole drug scene, if the drug companies came up with a cure then they would be out of business very soon.  The FDA and the Drug Companies work hand in hand.  If I find a cure for a disease, I cannot say that at all. If I do say that then I am making a medical claim and according by the FDA I am not licensed to say the truth, I am breaking the law. Even if i can prove it then i am still breaking the law and they want to put me in jail.  They will take me away because i have no credible scientific evidence. The Creator is our scientific evidence.  They will slander me and put out press releases stating that i am not of creditable and do not have enough evidence to substantiate that what I am saying is true.  That is how the greedy system works and it works against us, we have become a victim of the system of medical drugs.
    Lets go one step farther, how do we get sick? Is it bacteria? Is it viruses?  Is it genetics? Can you answer this question?  You know that we or you dont catch cancer, you can be near cancer, you eat beef that comes from cancerous cows and you dont get cancer. You dont catch cancer, you dont catch diabetes, you dont catch obesity, Your body develops these diseases, except obesity and that is generally from not exercising, eating too much and not eating the proper diet.The majority  of diseases are self inflicted by not caring for your body properly.  Being sick is not a normal thing for the human body, your body is not supposed to get sick. We  usually make ourselves sick, unless we have contracted something from the air, food or some foreign object.
Animals hardly ever have heart attacks, but we as humans are prone to them daily.
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