Four Feathers Native American Descendants Tribe

    We the people of the Four Feathers Native American Descendants Tribe have formed to enrich our tribal culture, to secure ourselves the blessing of freedom, and to teach and learn the Native American Ways.  We enjoy our gathering, Art, Crafts, Native Spirituality, Music, and food.  We also know that we can learn from our brothers and sisters of other Nations and of this area.  We have been a tribe for approximately 10 years.
    The Four Feathers Native American Descendants Tribe is taking applications for membership.  We accept full blood, partial blood, or anyone who wishes to follow the “Red Path” or Native American Way.  We look at the person’s spirit, heart and ways and will accept honorable people from all walks of life.  This is the old way or spiritual way.  We let the “Great Spirit” handles such matters.  Since we are the Four Feathers Native American Descendant Tribe we do not practice exclusion of our brothers and sisters of blood quantity.  Your spirit and heart is want the Great Spirit wants to know.
    We know that we are all of such nature if the spirit moves us.  You will be voted on according to your spirit and ways.  The council has the right to approve or disapprove your application or adoption within the tribe.  We are not associated with any other tribe or nation and we are not recognized by the Federal Government.  We are humans who seek to gather together to practice and learn American Indian Spirituality, Arts, Crafts, and tranquility of the Great Spirit.  We are law abiding citizens and uphold the laws and constitution of the land.  Our members come from all walks of life.  We try to follow an ancestral tribal system of government.  We honor all Nations who wish to walk in harmony and tranquility and peace with others.  We know that the Great Spirit will provide which direction we will follow and he knows our hearts.  The ancestral way of the people is not lost.  Membership is $10.00 per person.
    Please bring your talents, gift of the spirit and knowledge with you to our gathering and help us grow.  We meet the 2nd Sunday of each month at Ambers Indian Village.  It is located just north of Science Hill, KY on Route 27, about 7 miles North of Somerset.  The gathering is located on the right side of the road.  You will see a Tipi in front of two buildings. We eat at 1200 noon.  We usually start the meeting about 1pm.  If interested call or email the contacts below for more information:
Bluebird: 606-423-3361 Ambers Indian Village, Science Hill, Ky.
Walks With Hawks:  Cell 606-493-6137   

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