I developed this linament for personal use and it worked so well that I am going to introduce it to my customers.  This linament will address quite a few arenas of the human body. It is good for mild arthritis, inflammation, strains, bruises,
sore joints, muscle aches and just any old type of aches and pains due to over exercise or strains.


Alcohol; a penetrate to  help move the herbal tinctures into the tissue.
Cayenne Pepper:  Improves circulation, Acts as a catalyst for other herbs. Useful for arthritis and rheumatism.  Good for pain when applied topically.
White Willow Bark:  Relies pain.  Good for nerve pain, joint pain, inflammation, and other injuries associated with inflammation.
Ginkgo Biloba:  May relieve cramps and improve circulation to affected area. 
Calendula:  Reduces inflammation and is soothing to the skin.
Goldenrod: Good for inflammation and works well with other herbs for muscle tension.
Licorice Root:  Fights Inflammation, Reduces muscle spasms, Helps enhance microcirculation.
Boneset: Anti-inflammationary,
Witch Hazel:  Astringent and healing properties and good for skin inflammation.
Dimethyl Sulfoxide: Accelerant for all herbal properties within this lotion. Also fights inflammation and helps healing process. Sometimes will leave a garlic or oily taste in mouth. This is  normal so dont be alarmed. If uncomfortable with this then discontinue use of lotion. 
Aloe Vera Gel: Helps stimulate cell regeneration. A good topical base for external lotions.

This information is for educational purposes only.  This lotion is not approved by the FDA. Anyone using herbs or supplemental medicines should contact their health care provider or physician befor using any or part thereof.  Always place a small abount on affected area to see if allergic to any part of lotion.
Dosage:  Wash hands before and after applying lotion.  Place a small amount on fingers and rub onto affected area or area of inflammation.