Hepatitis Herbal Tea
    Hepatitis is an inflammation of the liver and usually is caused by some viral infection.  The liver becomes inflamed and enlarged and cannot function properly.  The liver is the main organ in the body that filters poisons, toxins and if it is damaged then the toxins and nutrients are not processed and stored in the right areas.  The symptoms are fever, weakness, an nausea, vomiting, headache, appetite loss, muscle aches, joint pains, dark urine, light colored stools, yellowing of the skin, and elevated liver enzymes in your blood.  You can feel like you have the flu, either mild or severe.  There are many types of Hepatitis, A, B, and C.  All of them are contagious.  Hepatitis C can be contacted by blood transfusions, drug use, sexual contact, You can also get hepatitis through chemical toxins. 
Burdock: Purifies the blood, restores liver and gallbladder function and stimulates the immune system.  Caution: Burdock interferes with iron absorption.
Dandelion: Cleanses the blood stream and liver, and increases bile function. Useful for                             pancreas, spleen and stomach.  Also helps cirrhosis of the liver, hepatitis, jaundice.  May also                   help age spots.
Milk Thistle: Contains silymarin, a property that has been shown to aid in healing and rebuilding the liver.  Contains some of the most potent liver protecting substances known.
Also stimulates production of new liver cells and prevents formation of damaging leukotrienes. `Protects the immune system and all liver disorders such as jaundice and hepatitis.  Also beneficial for psoriasis. Studies have shown that Milk Thistle has cured liver cancer in rats
Green Tea:  Combats mental fatigue and may lower the risk for cancer. Caution: Should not be used in large quantities if pregnant and persons with anxiety disorder should limit their intake to 2 cups per day. 

Red Clover:  Blood purifier, good for bacterial infections, liver disease, skin disorders and                          weakened immune system.
Yellow Dock: A blood purifier, and cleanser, tones the entire system.  Good for liver disease,                     and skin disorders such as eczema, hives, psoriasis and rashes.
Peppermint:  Enhances digestion, and flavoring. Caution:  Peppermint may interfere with iron absorption.    Do's:  Try to start a cleansing diet or fast.  Drink green drinks.  Check your medicine you are                      taking for liver toxicity. Eat raw vegetables and a fruit diet for at least 2-4 weeks.  Drink carrot                    and beet juice.. Wash hands and clothing often.  Get plenty of rest
Dont's:Do not consume alcohol. Do not eat fats, sugar and highly processed foods.   Dont eat                   raw fish or shellfish. Do not get stressed out. 
Directions:  Use 1 teaspoon of tea and place into a glass container and heat in the microwave                   for 3 minutes.  Let steep for 5 minutes.  Strain through a strainer or paper towel.  I prefer the                      strainer since you get some of the sediments which have a lot of medicinal properties in them.                    Garnish with honey or a sweetener you like. Enjoy your tea from WalkswithHawksHerbs.

The Federal Drug Administration has not evaluated any of these statements.  None of the herbs or products are intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any typeof ailmen or disease. Always consult your health care provider or physician before taking hertbs.
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