Herbs- Drug-Interactions
Ok= Some interactions may increase the need for the herb or compliment each other.
No=Other interactions may be negative and indicate the herb should not be used without first speaking to a physician or pharmacist.Others may require require further explanation.
Unsure or Refer= Refer to other information for specific details about an interaction.
This list only includes the generic or class name of a medicine. To find the specific look elsewhere?
AHCC: None at this time  .  Alder Buckthorn  Certain medicines interact with alder buckthorn: Digoxin, Diuretics, Loop diuretics, Oral Corticosteroids, Thiazide Diuretics.  Alfalfa:  None at this time Aloe:  Certain meds interact with Aloe: Glyburide-Ok, Topical Corticosteroids-Refer to individual. American Ginseng:  None at this time. American Scullcap:  None at this time. Andrographis:  None at this time Anise:  None at this time Artichoke:  None at this time Ashwagandha:  None at this time Asian Ginseng:  Influenze Virus Vaccine Ok, Ticlopidine No, Triotann-SPediatric –Ok, Warfarin, No Astragalus:  None at this time. Bacopa:  Perphenazine No, Prochlorperazine No, Thioridazine, No. Barberry:  Doxycycline Unsure, Tetracyline No. Basil:  None at his time. Bilberry:  None at this time. Bitter Melon: None at this time Bitter Orange:  None at this time Black Cohosh:  None at this time Black Horehound:  None at this time Blackberry:  None at this time Bladderwrack:  None at this time  Blessed Thistle:  None at this time. Bloodroot:  None at this time.  Blue Cohosh:  None at this time  Blue Flag: None at this time.  Blueberry: None at this time.  Boldo:  None at this time.  Bonset: None at this time.  Boswellia:  None at this time:  Buchu: Loop Diuretics No, Spironolactone No, Thiazidse Diuretics No, Triamterene No. Buckthorn:  Digoxin Unsure, Diuretics No, Loop diuretics No, Oral Corticosteroids Unsure, Thiazide Diuretics, No. Bugleweed:  Thyroid Hormones No.  Bupleurum: Interferon No.  Burdock: None at this time.  Butcher’s Broom:  None at this time. Calendula: None at this time.  Caraway:  None at this time.  Carob: None at this time. Cascara:  Digoxin No. Catnip: None at this time.  Cat’s Claw;  None at this time.  Cayenne: Aspirin Ok. Centaury:  None at this time.   Chamomile: Chemotherapy Ok, Cisplatin, Ok, Cyclophosphamide Ok, Docetaxel  Ok,  Fluorouracil, Ok Methotrezate Ok, Paclitaxel Ok. Chaparral:   None at this time.  Chickweed: None at this time.  Chinese Scullcap:  Cyclosporine No.  Cinnamon: None at this time. Cleavers: Loop Diuretics No, Spironolactone  No, Thiazide Diuretics No,  Triamterene No.  Coleus: Albuterol Ok, Aspirin No, Ephedrine and pseudoephedrine Ok, Eopinephrine Ok, Salmeterol Ok.  Coltsfoot:  None at this time. Comfrey:  None at this time. Cordyceps: None at this time. Corydalis: None at this time.  Cranberry: Lansopraqzole Ok, Omeprazole Ok, Warfarin No.  Cranesbill:  None at this time.  Damiana:  None at this time. Dandelion: Ciprofloxacin No, Loop Diuretics No, Spironolactone No, Thiazide Diuretics No, Triamterene No. Devil’s Claw: Ticlopidine No, Warfarin No.  Don Quai: Heparin No, Ticlopidine No Warfarin No. Echinacea: Chemotherapy Unsure, Cisplatin Unsure, Cyclophosphamide Unsure, Docetaxel Unsure, Fluorouracil Unsure, Methotrexate Unsure, Paclitaxel Unsure.  Elderberry:  None at this time. Elecampane: None at this time. Eyebright:  None at this time>  False Unicorn:  None at this time. Fennel:  Ciprofloxacin No. Fenugreek: Glipizide No, Heparin No, Insulin Ok, Ticlopdikne No, Warfarin, No. Feverfew:  None at this time.  Fo-Ti: None at this time. Garlic: Chlorzoxazone No, Dipyruidamole Ok, Ticlopidine No, Warfarin, No.  Gentian: None at this time.  Ginger: Chemotherapy Ok, Cisplatin Ok, Cyclophosphamide Ok, Docetaxel Ok, Fluorouracil Ok, General Anesthetics Ok, Heparin No, Methotrexate Ok, Niktrous Oxide Ok, Paclitaxel Ok, Ticlopidine Unsure, Warfarin No.  Ginkgo Biloba: Aspirin No, Citalopram Ok, Cyclosporine Ok, Fluoxetine Ok, Fluvoxamine Ok, Glimepiride No, Glipizide No, Glyburide No, Haloperidol Ok, Heparin No, Paroxetine Ok, Repaglinide No, Sertraline Ok, Thiazide Diuretics No, Ticlopidine No, Trazodone No, Warfarin No.  Goldenseal: Doxycycline Unsure, Tetracycline No.  Gotu Kola: None at this time. Greater Celandine:  None at this time.  Green Tea: Atropine No, Cardec DM No, Codeine No, Ephedrine and Pseudoephedrine No, Lomotil/Lonox No, Theophylline/Aminophylline No, Warfarin No. Guarana:  Caffeine Refer to other info. Guggul: None at this time. Gymnema: Glipizide no,  Glyduride refer to other info, Insulin no. Hawthron:  Digoxin refer to other info.  Hops: None at this time. Horehound:  None at this time.  Horse Chestnut: Heparin no, Ticlopidine no, Warfarin no. Horseradish: none at this time.  Horsetail:  Loop Diuretics, Spironolactone, Thjiazide Diuretics, Triamterene. Huperzia:  Donepezil  no,  Tacrine no.  Hyssop: 
None at this time. Ipecac:  None at this time. Juniper: Loop Diuretics no, Spironolactone no,  Thiazide no, Triamterene no.  Kava:  Alprazolam no, Buspirone no.  Kudzu:  None at this time.  Lavender: None at this time.  Lemon Balm: Thyroid Hormones no k.  Licorice:  Aspirin ok, Digoxin no, Etodolac ok, Ibuprofen ok, Interferon ok, Isoniazid ok, Loop Diuretics no, Nabumestone ok, Naproxen/Naproxen Sodium ok, Oral Corticosteroids Refer to other info, Oxaprozin ok, risperidone refer to other info, Thizzide Diuretics no, Topical corticosteroids ok. Ligustrum:  None at this time.  Linden:  None at this time. Lobelia: Nicotine Alternatives.  Lomatium:  None at this time.  Maitake:  None at this time.  Mallow: None at this time.  Marshmallow: None at this time.  Meadowsweet: Bismuth Subsalicylate no, Ticlopidine no. Milk Thistle: Acetaminophen ok, Chemotherapy ok, Cisplatin ok, Clofibrate ok, Fluorouracil ok, General Anesthetics ok, Haloperidol, ok Lovastatin ok, Methotrexate ok, Metronidazole refer to other info. Nitrous oxide ok, Paclitaxel ok, Pravastatin ok, Tacrine ok.  Mistletoe: None at this time Warning: Poision. Motherwort:    None at this time.  Myrrh:  None at this time.  Nettle: Diclofenac ok. Noni: None at this time. Oak:  Atropine no, Cardec DM no, Codeine No, Ephedrine and Pseudoephedrine no, Lomotil/Lonox no, Theophyllin/Aminophylline no.  Oats: None at this time.  Olive Leaf: None at this time.  Onion: None at this time. Oregano/Wild Marjoram:  None at this time.  Oregon Grape:  Doxcycline refer to other info. Tetracycline no.  Passion Flower:  None at this time.  Pau D’Arco: None at this time.  Pennyroyal: None at this time. Peony: None at this time.  Peppermint: None at this time.  Periwinkle: None at this time.  Phyllanthus: None at this time. Picrorhiza:  Isoniazid ok.  Plantain:  None at this time.  Pleurisy Root:  Acebutolol no, Amlodipine no, Atenolol no, Beta-Adrenergic Blockers no, Betaxolol no, Bisoprolol no, Calcium-channel blockers no, Digoxin no Felodipine no, Labetalol no, Metaprolol no, Nadolol ok, Nifedipine no, Propranofol no, Sotalol no, Verapamil no.  Prickly Ash:  None at this time.  Psyllium:  Lithium refer to other info.  Mesalamine ok, Orlistat ok.  Pumpkin:  None at this time. Pygeum:  None at this time.  Red Clover: Estrogens (Combined) no, Heparin no Ticlopidine no, Warfarin no.  Red Raspberry: Atropine no, Cardec DM no, Codeine no, Ephedrine and Pseudoephedrine no, Lomotil/Lonox no,Theophylline Aminophylline no,  Red Yeast Rice: Gemfibrozil no, Lovastatin no, Pravastatin no. Reishi: Heparin no, Warfarin no. Rhodiola: None at this time. Rooibos: None at this time.  Rosemary:  None at this time. Sage:  None at this time.  Sandalwood: None at this time. Sassafras: None at this time.  Saw Palmetto: None at this time.  Schisandra:  Acetaqminophen Refer to drug entry. Senna:  Digoxin No. Shitake:Didanosine ok. Slippery Elm:   None at this time.  St. John’s Wort: Atazanavir no, Benzodiazepines no, Chemotherapy no, Cyclosporine no, Digoxin no, Fexofenadine refer to drug entry.  Fluoxetine no, Fluvoxamine no,  Fosmaprenavir no, Indinavir no, Nefazodone no, Oral Contraceptives no, Paroxttine no Phenelzine no, Sertraline no, Theophylline/Aminophylline no, Trazodone no, Tricyclic Antidepressants no, Venlafaxine no, Warfarin no. Stevia: None at this time.  Suma: None at this time.  Sundew:  None at this time. Sweet Annie:  None at this time.  Tea Tree:  None at this time.  Thyme: None at this time  Turmeric: None at this time.  Tylophora:  None at this time.  Usnea:  None at this time. Uva Ursi: Atropine no, Cardec DM no,  Codine no, Ephredine and Pseudoephedrine no, Lomotil/Lonox no, Loop Diuretics no, Spironolactone no, Theophylline/Aminophylline no, Thiazide Diduretics no, Triamterene no.  Valerian:  None at this time.
Vervain:  None at this time.  Vitex:  None at this time.  Wild Cherry:  None at this time.  Wild Indigo:  None at this time.  Wild Yam: None at this time.  Willow: Bismuth Syubsalicylate no, Celecoxib no, Diclofenac no, Etodolac no, Flurbiprofen no, Ibuprofen no, Indomethacin no, Ketoprofen no, Ketorolac no, Live Influenze Virus no, Metoclopramide ok, Natumetone no, Nadolol no, Naproxen/Naproxen sodium no, Nonsteroidal Anti-Inflammatory Drugs no, Oxaprozin no.  Piroxicam Refer to Individual entry, Repaglinide no, Salsalate no, Sulindac no, Ticlopidine no,  Zafirlukast  no.  Witch Hazel: Atropine no, Cardec DM no, Codeine no, Ephedrine and Pseudoephedrine no, Lomotik/Lonox no, Theophylline/Aminophylline no.  Wood Betony: None at this time.  Wormwood:  None at this time.  Yarrow:  None at this time.  Yellow Dock: None at this time. Yohimbe:  Brimonidine no, Bupropion ok, Fluvoxamine ok. Yucca: None at this time.
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It is always wise for people seeking guidance and information about interactions between herbs and drugs or between prescription drugs and food, specific nutrients, or herbs to talk or speak to a pharmacist, your own doctor, physician, or another health care professional before using any herbs with drugs!!! The information on this list is not intended to replace information that you receive from a physician, pharmacist or health care provider.  It is not intended to replace package inserts or other printed material that my come with packaged medicines. This information is for educational purposes only.  This list has not been reviewed or approved by the Federal Drug Administration and is not intended to diagnose, cure or treat any disease or ailments.
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