Holy Water Instructions
Things you’ll need:
Spring water
Rose water
Kosher or sea salt
A glass container for mixing
A storage bottle
A linen cloth
This is my own recipe for making holy water. You may use this if you are called upon to bless a home or when there are unwanted spirits that need to be asked to leave. Some people also use sage and rosemary. If you plan to use sage or rosemary then you will have to extract them and it will tqake about 30 days to properly extract them with distilled water.
    Plan this project during a time of complete privacy. Make the holy water during full moon phase. Choose a location outdoors on a clear night or near a window with a view of the moon.
    Choose a glass bowl, glass fruit jar, bottle or small carafe that's heat tempered. Wash the container with soap and water, then rinse with boiling water to sterilize. Set out a white cloth, preferably linen. Arrange the ingredients and the sterilized container on it.
    Inhale deeply and exhale 5 or 6 times. Release the stress of the day and relax. Hold the arms up and out at the sides with palms pointing upward as if cradling the Universe. Direct the eyes to the moon.
    Pour the water into the bowl or carafe. Add the rose water. Hold it in both hands and raise towards the moon. Say, "I would ask the Great Spirit to consecrate this water to be used for blessings."
Set the water container on the cloth. Pick up the small dish of salt. Hold it up in both hands towards the moon. Pour three table spoons of salt into the water. Pick up the container of water and swirl it around clockwise until the salt is dissolved.
    Set the container on the cloth again. Hold both hands over the container, palms down and offer a blessing.
Store the holy water in a glass bottle with a cork or cap in a dark place. Use it to bless each room of the home and the people who live in it.
       This information is for educational purposes only. Not to be construed as medical advice, always consult your health care provider or physician before e using herbs or alternative ways of medicine.
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