Interactions with Vitamins-Supplements
Ok=Some interactions may increase the need for the medicine. 
No=Other interactions may be negative and indicate the medicine should not taken without first consulting a physician, pharmacist, or health care provider.
Refer=Refer to the individual drug entry for specific details about an interaction.
The following list only includes the generic or class name of a medicine, to find  a specific brand name look in other areas.
5-Hydroxytryptophan: Certain medicines interact with 5-hydroxytryprophan:  Carbidopa refer, Carbidopa/Levodopa refer, Fluoxetine no, Fluvoxamine no, Paroxetine no, Selegiline ok, Sertraline no, Sibutramine no, Sumatriptan no, Tramadol no, Venlafaxine no, Zolmitriptan no, Zolpidem no. 7-Keto: None at this time. Acetyl-L-Carnitine:  Didanosine ok.  Adenosine Monophosphate:  None at this time. Adrenal Extract: None at this time.  Alanine:  None at this time.  Alpha Lipoic Acid: None at this time.  Amylase Inhibitors:  None at this time.  Arginine: None at this time.  Beta-Carotene:  Bile Acid Sequestrants ok, Chemotherapy ok, Cisplatin ok. Colchicine ok, Colestipol ok, Cyclophosphamide ok, Docetaxel ok, Fluorouracil ok, Lansoprazole ok, Mehtotrexate ok,  Methyltestosterone ok, Mineral Oil ok, Neomycin ok, Orlistat ok, Paclitaxel ok, Quinidine ok. Beta-Glucan:  None at this time.  Betaine (Timethylgycline):  None at this time. Betaine Hydrochloride:  None at this time.  Biotin:  Anticonvulsants ok,  Gabapentin ok, Glyburide Refer, Insyulin ok, Phenobarbital ok, topical Corticosteroids ok, Valproic Acid ok.  Blue-Green Algae:  None at this time. Borage Oil:  None at this time. Boric Acid:  None at this time.  Boron:  None at this time.  Bovine Colostrum: None at this time.  Branched-Chain Amino Acids: None at this time.  Brewer’s Yeast:  Aminogylcoside Antibiotics ok, Amoxicillin ok, Ampicillin ok, Antibiotics ok, Axithromycin ok, Cephlaosporins ok, Chlorhexidine ok, ciprofloxacin ok, Clarithromycin ok, Clindamycin Oral ok, Clindamycin Topical ok, Dapsone ok, dicloxacillin ok, Cosyclycline ok, Erythromycin ok, Gentamicin ok, Levofloxacin ok, Loracarbef ok Macrolides ok, Minochycline ok, Neomyckin ok, Nitrofurantoin, Ofloxacin ok, Penicillin V ok, Penicillins ok, Quinolones ok, Sulfamethoxazole ok, Sulfasalazine ok, Sulfonamides ok Tetracycline ok, Tetracyclines ok, Tobramycin ok, Trimethoprim ok, Trimethoprim/Sulfamethoxazole ok.  Bromelain: Amoxicillin ok, Erythromycin ok Pencillamine ok, Penicillin V ok, Warfarin Refer.  Calcium: Albuterol ok, Alendronate Refer,  Aluminum Hydroxide ok, Anticonvulsants ok, Bile Acid Sequestrants ok, Caffeine ok, Calcitonin ok, Calcium Acetate no, Ciprofloxacin ono, Cisplatin ok, Colestipol ok, Cycloserine ok, Diclofenac ok, Doxyclycline no, Erythromycin Refer, Estrogens ok, Felodipine ok, Flurbiprofen ok, Gabapentin ok, Gemifloxdacin no, Gentamicin ok, Hydroxychloroquine ok, Indapamide ok, Indomethacin ok Inhaled Corticosteroids ok, Isoniazid ok, Lactase Refer, Metformin ok, Mineral Oil ok, Minjocycline Ok-Refer, Nadolol no, Neomycin ok, Ofloxacin no, Oral Contraceptives Refer, Phenobarbital ok, Quinolones no, Risedronate no, Sodium Fluoride Refer, Satalol no, Sucralfate ok, Sulfamethozazole ok, Tetracycline no, Tetracyclines no, Thiazide Diuretics Refer, Thyroid Hormones ok-Refer, Tobramycin ok, Triamterene ok, Trimethoprim ok Valproic Acid ok Verapamil ok-refer. Calcium D-Glucarate:  None at this time.  Carnosine: None at this time.  Carotenoids: None at this time. Cartilage and Collagen:  None at this time.  Cetyl Myristoleate:  None at this time.  Chitosan: None at this time.  Chlorophyll: None at this time.  Chondroitin Sulfate: None at this time.  Chromium:  Glyburide no, Insulin ok-no, Oral Corticosteroids ok, Sertraline ok.  Coconut Oil:  None at this time.  Coenzyme Q 10:  Atorvastatin ok, Doxorubicin ok, Fluvastatin ok, Gemfibrozil ok, Lovastatin ok, Perphenazine ok, Pravastatin ok Propranolol ok, Simvastatin ok, Thiridazine ok, Timolol ok, Tricyclic Antidepressants ok, Warfarin no, Colloidal Silver: None at this time.  Conjugated Linoleic Acid: None at this time. Copper:  AZT ok, Ciprofloxazin no, Etodolac ok, Famotidine Refer, Ibuprofen ok, Nabumetone ok, Naproxen/Naproxen Sodium ok, Nizatidine Refer, Oral Contraceptives Refer, Oxaprozin ok, Penicillamine Refer, Valproic Acid ok.  Creatine Monohydrate: None at this time.  Cysteine: None at this time.  D-Mannose: None at this time.  Dehydroepiandrosterone (DHEA):  Amlodiopine Refer, Clonidine ok, Dilitiazem no, Fluoxetine ok, Inhaled Corticosteroids ok, Insulin ok, Metformin Refer, Methyltestosterone Refer. DMAE: None at this time. DMSO: None at this time. Digestive Enzymes: None at this time.  Docosahexaenoic Acid:  None at this time.  Evening Primrose Oil: Tamoxifen ok.  Fiber:  Lovastatin no, (Pectin-found in fruit and oat bran a component of oatmeal) have been reported to interact with lovastatin, Propoxyphene refer, Verapamil ok. Fish Oil and Cod Liver Oil (EPA and DHA):  Cyclosporine ok, Pravastatin ok, Simvastatin ok. Flaxseed and Flaxseed Oil:  None at this time.  Fluoride:  None at this time. Folic Acid: Aluminum Hydroxide ok, Anticonvulsants ok-no (Has controversial areas with childbirth and seizures). Aspirinok, Azathioprine ok, Bile Acid Sequestrants ok, Chemotherapy no, Colestipol ok, Cycloserine ok, Diuretics ok, Erythromycin refer, Famotidine refer, Fenofibrate ok, Fluoxetine ok, Gabapentin ok, no (Despite the apparent beneficial effects some studies have indicated that  folic acid takaen daily can increase the frequency and/or severity of seizures),Indomethacin ok, Isoniazid ok, Lansoprazole ok, Lithium ok, Loop Diuretics ok, Magnesium Hydroxide ok, Medroxyprogesterone  refer, Metformin ok, Methotrexate ok no (Blocks activation of folic acid), Neomycin ok, Nitrous Oxide ok, Nizatidine ok refer, Omeprazole ok, Oral Contraceptives ok, Phenobarbital ok no (Some studies have indicated that as little as 0.8 mg of folic acid taken daily can increase the frequency and/or severity of seizures), Piroxicam refer, Ranitidine ok, Salsalate ok, Sodium Bicarbonate ok, Sulfamethozazole ok, Sulfasalazine ok, Sulindac refer, Tetraqcycline ok,Thiazide Diuretics ok, Triamterene ok, Trimethoprim ok, Trimethoprim/sulfamethoxazole ok, Valproic Acid ok.
Fructo-Oligosaccharides (FOS) and Other Oligosaccharides: None at this time. Fumaric Acid:  None at this time. Gaba (Gamma-Amino Butyric Acid): None at this time. Gamma Oryzanol:  None at this time.  Glucomannan: None at this time.  Glucosamine: None at this time. Glutamine:  Chemotherapy ok, Cisplatin ok, Cyclophosphamide ok, Docetaxel ok, Fluorouracil ok, Methotrexate ok, Paclitaxel ok.  Glutathione:  Cisplatin ok,  Refer, Cyclophosphamide ok. Glycine:  Clozapine no, Haloperidol ok, Olanzapine ok, risperidone ok.  Grapefruit Seed Extract:  None at this time.  Green-Lipped Mussel: None at this time.  Histidine:  None at this time.  HMB: None at this time.  Hydroxycitric Acid: None at this time.  Idole-3-Carbinol:  None at this time.  Inosine:  None at this time.  Inositol: Lithium ok. Iodine: None at this time. IP-6: None at this time.  Ipriflavone: Estrogens (Combined) ok. Iron: Angiotensin-Converting Enzyme (ACE) Inhibitors ok, Aspirin ok, Benazepril ok, Captopril: ok, Carbidopa  no, Carbidopa/Levodopa no, Chlorhexidine no, Cimetidine ok, ciprofloxacin no, Deferoxamine no, Dipridamole ok, doxycycline no, Enalaparil ok, Etodolac ok, Famotidine ok, Gemifloxacin no, Haloperidol ok, Hyoscyamine ok, Ibuprofen ok, Indomethacin refer, Levofloxdacin no, Magnesium Hydroxide ok, Mehtidops no, Minocycline ok may be beneficial depletion of interference, no avoid reduced drug absorption/bioavailability. Moexipril ok, Nabumetone ok, Naproxen/Naproxen Sodium ok, Neomycin ok, Nizatidine ok, Ofloxacin no, Oral Contraceptives refer, Oxaprozin ok, Penicillamine no, Quinapril ok, Quinaparil ok, Ramipril ok, Ranitidine ok, Resedronate no, Sodium Bicarbonate ok, Stanozolol ok, Sulfasalzine no, Tetracycline no, “Tetracyclines no, Thyroid Hormones refer, Warfarin no. Kelp:  None at this time.  L-Carnitine: Allopurinol Refer, Anticonvulsants ok, AZT ok, chemtherarpy ok, Doxorubicin ok, Gabapentin ok, Phenobarbital ok, Valproic Acid ok. L-Tyrosine: None at this time.  Lactase: None at this time. Lecithin/Phosphatidyl Choline: None at this time.  Lipase:  None at this time. Liver Extracts:  None At this time. Lutein:  None at this time.  Lycopene:  None at this time.
Lysine:  None at this time.  Magnesium:  Albuterol ok, Alendronate Refer, Amiloride no, Amphotericin B ok, Azithromycin Refer, Cimetidine no, Ciprofloxacin no, Cisplatin ok, Cycloserine ok, Cyclosporine ok, digoxin, ok, Docusate ok, Doxycycline no, Epinephrine Refer, Erythromycin ok, Estrogens (Combined) Refer, Famotidine Refer, Felodipine ok, Fentayl ok, Gemifloxacin no, Gentamicin ok, Glimepiride ok, Glipizide refer, Hydroxychloroquine no, Isoniazid ok, Levofloxacin no, Loopp Diuretics ok, Medroxyprogesterone refer, Metformin refer, Minocycline no, Misprostol no, Mixed Amphetamines no, Neomycin ok, Nitrofurantoin no, Nizatidine refer, Ofloxacin no, Oral Contraceptives ok,  OralCorticosteroids ok but refer, Quinidine ok.;