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    Well lets ask the question? What is the best water for us to consume?  Here are the basic type of water that we have in our environment. They are tap water, purified water, spring water and distilled water. Personally I use distilled water. I do test all of the water that I use in my house. Like I said all tap water has chorine in it and most of the tap water has fluoride in it also.  Fluoride is one of the manufacture os superphosphic fertilizers, and so toxic that it cant be dumped anywhere. Through the great lobbyist in Washington they persuaded the government and municipalities that it was good for our teeth and they decided to dump it into our water.  It probably a lie since Fluoride is toxic, dangerous and should not be consumed. Every organ in the body is adversely affected by it, primarily our thyroid gland. You can observe certain areas  in America that have the most highest obesity rates because people's metabolisms go down and therefore they get fat.  Fluoride make you depressed and causes all types of diseases and physical problems. 
    The bottom line is that no matter what the toxins are called there is more toxic chemical getting into our water and food supply than ever before in history. Posions are getting into our bodies from:  Drinking water, Eating or drinking anything made with water, Eating any food that was grown with water, Eating any meat, poultry, fish, or dairy where the animal drank water, Showering, bathing, or swimming in water.
    At Walks With Hawks Herbs we use distilled water that is tested for making Colloidal Silver. We check our distilled water each time we make colloidal.We use a PWT Meter from Hanna Instruments. The PWT meter is designed to measure purity of water.  It also measures conductivity of water. This is measured in micro siemens. When we insert the instrument into distilled water, it will read the conductivity and impurities and if the reading is less than 2.0 to 3.0 uS (micro siemens) the water is suitable for use in making Colloidal Silver.  This means it has very little mineralization. You will have some that sell Colloidal Silver say that when it is Yellow it is the best. If you are getting Colloidal that is yellow then you have minerals that are combining with silver particles in the process to form silver compounds rather than colloidal silver.  We use only distilled water to make our colloidal that tests within this range (0.0-3.0). Yellow Colloidal Silver is impure. The yellow comes from discoloring. This means that other minerals are connecting to the small colloidal particles and becoming larger thus producing a yellow effect. If you direct a laser beam through the dispersion, the beam will be a solid but foggy red color.  You will be able to see the silver atoms scintillating in the beam.  The silver has dispersed evenly throughout the liquid.  This beam will not be seen in good distilled water.  Colloidal Silver should produce a beam that shows numerous small particles of silver suspended within the water. This is called the Tyndall effect. The beam is only reflecting off the colloids. The ions are single atoms and are therefore invisible to the laser beam.  I have tested water from The Big W-LM---T store and the other day I bought 5 gallons of distilled water and only one tested between 2.0-3.0.  I bought others from the Big K--G-R store and they tested ok. The water that Culligan sells at Wally World tests 33.1. Not Good.  The tap water varies but usually tests from 181.1 to 231.0. Bottled Spring water usually tests from  33.0, which is not in a very good range. So much for testing water.
    Your CS may be stored in clear glass containers or clear high density plastic containers such as soft drink bottles. Avoid extreme temperatures.  Leave it at room temperature.  Storage in a kitchen cabinet, hall closet or bathroom medicine chest are ideal spots.  It is unnecessary to shake it prior to use because the particles are equally dispersed in the water.
    The colloidal silver should be usable for many months but you can expect it to lose some strength if any of the silver falls out of suspension.  Storing in some types of plastic containers can also cause the silver to deposit on the sides of the container.  This is called plating out.  If the solution looks quite clear but a foggy b beam (Tyndall Effect) is seen when you shine a light through it, the suspension is still colloidal. I have had a lot of good results with my Colloidal Silver. I have used it for years with no side effects. May the Great Spirit be with you and hope you to be blessed with good health. Etowah Wa Do (Thank You)

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