I blend a very nice kinnikinnick for use in pipe ceremonies.  "Kinnikinnick" means "that which is mixed", and refers to both smoking mixtures in and of themselves, and to certain herbs commonly used therein,  a mixture of herbs (Cornus stolonifera) and Bearberry leaves (Arctostaphylos uva-ursi), though other plants have been given this title as well. My blend contains  some tobacco mixed along with the other herbs, and I feel that it cannot be left out of the mixture if one wants to retain all the medicine that the smoke may offer.
    Smoking Tobacco as an act of prayer has been practiced as long as Tobacco has been available to our kindred, and throughout all the lands where Tobacco has since traveled.  It is an entirely different practice than habitual smoking, which is properly characterized as the abuse of Tobacco: We are abusing it.  And if we abuse it, the way it tells us that this is wrong is by making us sick.  It will do this until we learn to listen.
    Tobacco to me is that of Prayer Medicine, and it is in this context that it can be used as a powerful ally and spiritual medicine.  To be used in such a way requires Ceremony.  There are as many Ceremonies as there are people who pray with Tobacco.  Because the use of Tobacco in pipe ceremonies comes to us from the indigenous peoples of the Americas, there are many strong feelings about the proper way in which to use Tobacco in prayer, and what constitutes respectful and disrespectful interpretations of the many indigenous traditions in which Tobacco is held sacred.    What I would offer is that the prayerful use of Tobacco and Kinnikinnick be rooted in deep respect and reverence; in consciousness and honesty.  Please, I ask that you do not make this smoking blend and use it in a way that dishonors either the Tobacco and herbs it contains, or your own health and well being. Here is my receipe for my personal blend:

Tobacco, White Sage, Lobelia, Sweet Grass, Lavender, Mullein, Skullcap, Damania, Hops, and Bearberry.

Like most smoking mixtures, it is nicest if it's holding a tad of moisture, and this can be achieved either by adding an apple or pear slice to the container it sits in for a little while.  This is a pipe mixture, and won't smoke well rolled in papers. I believe, to the nature of smoking as Ceremony. Tobacco has been classified as being dangerous to smoke by individuals. This information is not to be construed as medical advice. Always consult you physician or healthcare provider before smoking tobacco or herbs.

If you pruchase, you receive 20 tablespoons or approximately 20 pipe fills for ceremonies. Price $10.00 plus shipping.