Herbal Teas for All Your Needs
All natural ingredient naturally dried No preservatives No artificial coloring Caffeine Free.
If not picked from Mother Earth then organically grown.
Change of Life Tea-------------------------- 
You can order tea bags or bulk tea. Tea bags have enough tea to make two servings.. Herbal teas are a most convenient form of herbal remedy for long term use.  The powerful medicinal ingredients of the herb are diluted by the water when made into tea.  Mild teas may be used daily as tonics for general well being or a maintenance dose.  ..
$13.00 Per Pkg except when specified
Calm Your Nerves Tea---------------------

Energy Tea (To Fight Fatigue)---------
High Blood Pressure Tea-----------------
Influenza Tea----------------------------------
Round The Table Tea-------------------------------
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Sinus and Allergy Tea-------------------------------
Slim and Trim Tea--------------------------
Common Cold Tea-------------------------
Hepatitis Herbal Tea--------------------------------
Quit Using Tobacco Herbal Tea------
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Detox and Cleansing Tea-----------------
Veterans 05% Discount
COPD Tea----------------------------------------
Immune System Tea--------------------------------
Twelve Way Herbal Tea----------------------------
Four Way Herbal Tea---------------------
High Cholesterol Tea----------------------
Colon Cleansing Tea-----------------------
If you need a specific type of tea-email me and I will gladly mix it for you and price it reasonably.