Quit Using Tobacco
    Did you know when you use tobacco more than 4,000 chemicals are released into your body and about 50 of them cause cancer?  Every cigarette contains nicotine which we know is very addictive and causes many problems and changes in our body.  By stimulating different parts of the brain nicotine produces a feeling of pleasure in the central nervous system, and also causes adrenaline production to increase, accelerates the heart rate and increases blood pressure, but that's not all it affects the level of hormones and the body's temperature.
    All these feelings and sudden changes are what the smoker or user of tobacco refers to as a feeling of pleasure.  Nicotine is one of the most powerful drugs there is.  Nicotine is more addictive than cocaine.  Holding a cigarette in your hands seems to give you a sense of tranquility and to help you get through stressful or awkward moments.  If we take a drop of nicotine in liquid form the size of a pinhead it would be enough to kill a person.  Smoking causes over 400,000 people a year more than alcohol, drugs, suicide, traffic accidents and murder combined.  Smoking and tobacco causes 33% of all cancer deaths and more diseases such as well you know, you read, you know what I mean.  Female smokers seem to reach menopause earlier also a higher risk o developing osteoporosis, cancer in the uterus and cervix.  Tobacco contains carbon monoxide, benzene, cyanide, ammonia, nitrosamines, vinyl chloride, radioactive particles and many more in total more than 4,000 of them. 
    Herbs and herbal teas can be extraordinarily effective in helping you quit tobacco.  They reduce cravings, they help heal the damage done to the linings of the nose and throat, they help clear the lungs, and help breakdown nicotine, they also clean the blood and boost the immune system. I personally drink 2-3 cups of my herbal tea each day and it helps me, what more can I say.  Over a period of time you can either quit or at least cut back on your addiction and you will notice your heart rate and blood pressure get better, in a few weeks you will notice you can breathe better, smell and taste better and decrease your chances of a heart attack.  
    I am sure that if you follow the recommendations that you will be able to quit smoking or using tobacco.  So give yourself a chance and do it for the ones that love you and care about you.  I will recommend some vitamins to take along with the herbal tea.  You can buy the vitamins at Wally World or other places.  Please always consult your physician or health care provider before using Vitamins, Herbs, or Herbal Teas.
Recommendations:  COQ10 is a powerful antioxidant that protects the lungs, the heart and increases the oxygen to the brain.  Smoking breaks down Vitamin C, it is very important to take 5,000-10,000 mg of it daily.
Vitamin E is a very important antioxidant needed to repair cell damage that smoke destroys. Vitamin A helps repair the mucus membranes which are also damaged by smoking.  Use a lot of cayenne (capsicum) in your foods or take capsules,.helps desensitize the respiratory system and linings of the lungs and stabilizes lung membranes to prevent damage. Also reduces the craving for cigarettes. Try fasting:  for 5 days drinking fresh juices only:  carrots juice, beet juice, asparagus juice, apple juice. (Fresh squeezed juices) After eat lots of fresh vegetables like spinach, broccoli, sweet potatoes, and whole grains.  Oats, bran, wheat's are needed to also help get rid of the craving for nicotine. Drink lots of pure water to help these herbs and nutrients to carry out the toxins and clean the blood fast.   Notice: You will notice that you will sweat more and your sweat will smell more and your stools will smell and might change color, but this is normal due to the fact that the herbs are removing the toxins from your body.
  Herbal Tea:
Valerian: Increases circulation, acts as a sedative, reduces mucus, good for anxiety, fatigue, high blood pressure, nervousness, pain, stress, and ulcers.Caution: Could make you drowsy.
Skullcap: is a sedative and reduces anxiety, and cravings. Aids Sleep.
St Johnwort:  Helps inhibit viral infections, including HIV & Herpes.  Good for depression and nerve pain.  Caution: Large amounts interfere with iron absorption.
Oat Straw:  Reduces or eliminates tobacco craving, also it helps curb your appetite for cigarettes if you are not quitting smoking, promotes sweating. 
Burdock:  Purifies the blood, removes toxins, restores liver and gallbladder function and stimulates the immune system.  Caution:  Interferes with iron absorption.
Red Clover: Acts like an antibiotic, appetite suppressant (you will want to snack more when you quit), Good for bacterial infections, inflamed lungs, liver disease and weakened immune system.
Slippery Elm:  Relieves lung congestion and coughs. Soothes inflamed mucous membranes. Good for treatment of colds, flu and sore throat.
Peppermint:  Soothes the stomach and for flavoring.
Directions:  Use one tea bag per cup, place into a glass container and place in microwave.  Let cook for 3 minutes in microwave.  (Never use container that is coated with Teflon or never use aluminum pot on stove, Teflon is bad for flaking and aluminum is suspected of causing Alzheimer disease.) Let steep for 4-5 minutes or longer if you want it stronger.  Never let steep over 10 minutes it will be bitter. If using bulk tea strain thru a strainer or a paper towel. I personally like a strainer because you get all the small sediments and more of the medicinal properties. Garnish with honey or a small piece of lemon or whatever you want. Enjoy

The Federal Drug Administration has not evaluated any of these statements.  None of the products orherbs are intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any type ailments or diseases. Always consult your health care provider or physician before using herbs.
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