Round Table Tea
    This herbal tea is for you and your friends gathering around the round table in the kitchen and just being friendly.  It is also a general maintenance and good feeling tea.

Cautions:  May interfere with iron absorption.

   Rose Hips:  Good for all infections and a good source of Vitamin C.
   Orange Peel:  Vitamin C and it is said that it has properties that help prevent tumor and cancer cells. Also helps lower cholesterol with no side effects.
   Peppermint Leaves:  Enhances digestion, Useful for chills, colic, headache, heart trouble, indigestion, nausea, poor appetite, rheumatism and spasms. Also used for flavoring and opening up passage ways.
   Lemon Grass:  Has astringent and tonic properties and good for the skin.

   Directions:  For the best cup of Walks With Hawks Round Table Tea use 1-2  teaspoon per cup.  Place in a proper container and heat in microwave or on stove for 3 minutes.  Steep for 4-5 minutes.  Do not let sit for more than ten minutes or it will become bitter. Garnish with honey or lemon or whatever you want.  Enjoy.

    My herbal tea contains no preservatives, no artificial coloring, no caffeine, and are made from all natural ingredients.

    Always consult your physician or health care provider before using herbs.

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