Am I in control or am I out of control?  Am I silently walking, stalking, flying, talking, and gently flowing in or out of the many areas of my mind. Should I realize that my subconscious self is in control of my life?  Am I trying to evolve into something that I did not want to be? Or was it my true self?  Who told me that shadows of my mind was in control. Was it my early beginnings in the spirit world that was planted in my subconscious? Or was it my childhood years that forced me to be this way?  Was it me for real? Who am I in this shadow world? Will it impair my spirit? Is it a part of my spirit? Was it with me in the spirit world? Did the Creator place this in my spirit for a test?  Is it my ancestors speaking through other dimensions or my connectivity with my spirit self? Do I really have any connectivity at all?  Was it real, unreal, non-spiritual, quantum living, spiritual, or visitation of my shadow consciousness?  Was bringing forth of my subconscious and letting me know my real self. Am I for real?  Was it dominating my self, my subconscious, my spirit or my character? Was I enjoying this other side of me or am I going to address it and try to understand it? Was I going to let it speak for me in my life or could I address it as true self or did I pick this up on my trip through Quantum Space from my beginning in the Spirit World.  I mean my celestial trip from where I came.  Can I let my true self walk forth out of the shadow self? Am I large enough to do this, do I have the positive affirmations or should I say do I have enough intelligence to do this?
     I must agree that the biggest obstacle in life could be my self or others? We would rather lie in denial wearing our character on our sleeve and colored glasses than take the action to get out of the way of ourselves or others! Can we really address our inner most consciousness or mindfulness? Do you wonder what it is within us that we are so afraid to honestly look at ourselves? What is ourselves? Is it the dominant connectivity of our walk through life or association with our companions? Do we neglect to see how others reflect on our walk on Mother Earth?
  What are we? Are we not spirits walking through life on Mother Earth in human bodies? Or are we humans walking through life in spirit? Which has the greatest potential? Can we know the difference?  Are we star children? Is that part of our shadow life or shadow spirit?  Why do we settle for less as a human species? Animals strike and don’t even think. Are we above animal instinct or are we the weaker vessel? It is written that we were the last to be shaped.  We think it is normal and acceptable to watch gruesome acts of war, horror movies, dwell on gossip; we are addicted to the news! We live eat and sleep it. We thrive on murderous movies; we let our children adapt to the shadow self or materialistic human ways. We commit acts of violence and speak words of hatred.  But face up to it we honestly are looking and acknowledging our true authentic self. It paralyzes us and sends our conscious and subconscious into panic. Depression arises from such actions. We are a nation who survives on depression.  Do pills help?  To let ourselves misunderstand is a part of our weakness and a part of our shadowed life. We are
Shadowed by a pill for every occasion. The outcry of America is substantial to generate a whole society of pills. It’s easier to blame life, others than to be responsible for our shadow self. Pills and more pills. The possibility to really not understand it all is downright terrifying! We get so mixed up and find it hard to identify the truth of ourselves and also others. What is the root of this shadow self? Can we really admit that we are the root cause of the shadows in our life? The longer we dwell in this house of shadow then the darker it becomes and we can be swallowed into no return. No return to reality or to spirit. This shadow that we are viewing in our life is just another reflection of our true self or shadows of other affecting our lives. Can we stay in control with such abundant voices on the horizon? Can we listen to our yearnings for peace of mind?  The shadow are what sabotages our relationships, jobs, it denies our spirit, keeps us from realizing our destiny and dreams. It is that ever day darkness that we sweep under the rug. It gets buried and regressed into our subconscious and deep unconscious self or character. It is a false reality in the shadow and lives in our thoughts constantly. It is like the setting of the sun daily. It brings about the shadows and then darkness of the mind. The shadow is what we don't want to be. It seems horrible and gross and feeds into our greatest fear that someone might discover our dark shameful secret compelling us to drift further into the shadows or what is locked in our subconscious mind. We fear daily that someone might find out our true secrets that are locked in our closets.  Hiding what's inside of us gives it power, or what hiding under the covers or under the leaves of the branches; because we neglect to choose and mend our branches, we just don’t react. It is the shadow voice that says the negative thoughts like we are unloved, undeserving, unworthy, keeping us from what we really desire in life. It brings forth itself and its terrible actions, and thoughts.  It projections and it creates judgments on others. Yes, your shadows set in judgment on you and if that is not satisfying enough it will sent on judgment of your friends. It is like an evil spirit from darkness. Darkness that can destroy, subconscious, conscious, and self in a humanistic way that we will not be able to recognize it. Can we get to the Spirit World like this? No.  What we can’t handle in our shadows we project onto other people and pass on this evil. It is the only way that we know to get their attention. From childhood we cry out for attention. We argue and fight our brothers and sisters. We want to be first in line; we want to be first in every game.  We want to be the favorite in our parent’s eyes.  We have the instinct to become a challenge to everyone who wants to step ahead of us. We want to be a dominant species.  We become terrified of someone discovering our ego and all the other factors listed above. We then use it as a tool to judge others to protect ourselves or our way of life.  We even use it in a nationalistic way, we use it to destroy countries, start wars, and do away with friendship of brothers, sisters, neighbors, and even our fellow nations and those who walk with through life. 
    This helps to substantiate our shadowed life or self. This only prevents self realization. When you don't have self realization or own an aspect of your life then shadow self runs your life. Again you are out of control.  Imagine that your body was large tree with many branches. Each branch represents a different aspect, spirit, religion, quality, traits, education, and character in your life. The branches in our shadows are acknowledged and we embrace them wholly but they have been broken. They are safe in your shadow self because there is no way to mend them or utilize them. You must realize you put them there.  This is what the shadow self likes and will conform to them in your subconscious. But by now the trunk has begun to decay and the branches (qualities) are decaying with it. So when someone in our life comes along with the qualities to assist they start trying to help repair the branches. This is not good for our shadow self and they signal our subconscious to arm for confrontation. So what we deny, resent, reject, put off or project we draw it right to our shadow self. We are pathological liars when it comes to looking at our subconscious or internal feelings. Since we can't find the offending quality within us the only way we can see those qualities are in others. We are again out of control with our own lives and wish we were deceased or out of the situation. So then we start putting our self down and also others. It is like the wind, it can be felt but cannot be seen until after the storm and then it is too late. It has already started to destroy you and your friends.  So if you feel comfortable to express your anger, you are going to attract a whole lot of angry people in your life, to do it for you! This is your shadow self coming to your rescue and dominating your subconscious mind. It is in control again and you are out of control humanly and spiritually. At this time you don’t understand it spiritually or in any form or fashion.
    When we portray our shadow mind then other people return or send back our hidden emotions and feelings. Bad yes very bad.  To manifest our full potential you have to claim the parts of yourself that you denied, hidden or given away to others to act out for you. If you keep attracting people with similar qualities or traits in your life it is to show you what aspects you disown in yourself. You sometimes look for the same shadows in another person. This gives us an opportunity to recognize them and reclaim them whether they are good or bad. You can see in another person shadows that you have and this reflection is a good lesson learned. If you can attempt to own them that is a step forward to sort them whether they are good or bad.  At least you are are addressing them to some degree and with luck you can retain the good affirmations and decline the bad ones.
    The pain of our perceptive shadows or flaws compels us to cover them up. We sometimes over correct by being the opposite. What we don't want to face often is the drive and motivation to do something different. We can be called lazy. When we see someone doing something we don't like we get angry at them, and judge them as bad. But if we really looked and thought about it we might discover that we would have the same reaction. Discovering these compassionate thoughts for the person releases our judgment. This is how to turn the negative shadows to be a positive shadow for our affirmations.
    Each shadow you don't like seems like a gift to give you and could be appropriate in certain situations; but not many.  When we embrace an affirmation or quality within ourselves then people with the same affirmation or quality can no longer draw from us. This in turn frees them to experience you, and you are free to experience them since you have similar attributes or affirmations and there is no threat to one another. To adapt your self and love your self you must release and get your negative emotions out. Although you should not release your negative shadows so violently that others will see the evil in your consciousness. If we were made to keep evil in ourselves then we would have the need to release to others. Compassion heals and it will reveal our true shadows and we can evolve into a very beautiful spirit and human being.  We should learn to turn wounds into wisdom and realize how the wounds have benefited our lives.
    We should be thanking those for the negative experiences that they dealt in our lives and be very thankful that we did survive the young years, the middle years, the elder years and hopefully the spirit years.

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