My name is Walks With Hawks/Harvey. I use the Spirit of Mother Nature's heart to draw the paint toward her bosom to bring forth here beautiful art on these skulls.  These skulls were left here by the spirit of the animals so we might help them live on through my art with "Spirit Paint".  I trod these hills in eastern Kentucky to collect the bones of animals. I do not enter into Spiritual Caves, Sacred Burial Grounds or places that I do not belong.  I ask the land owners permission to collect the skulls and bones of their dead animals.  Mother Natures forest also gives me some as I walk along picking herbs and collecting fruits and blessings from Mother.  May the Great Spirit watch over you and continue to give you your blessings as you receive.  Wah Doh Do na da go hvi (Thank You Until We meet again.)
  Coyote Pup.
  Sioux (Charcoal)
Spirit Droppings.
  Circle of Fire
Cherokee Wood
  Creator's Arm
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