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         (Out Of Body Experience)
    I give you this account of my visitation to the spirit world because I think that it was a bessing from the Great Spirit and I think this was to be a part of my Totem and  within me I feel that someone would benefit from this experience. This is why I share my Intuition, Elements, Enlightment and my Humble Awareness with you.  This was part of the Great Spirit's plan to convince me that he was the manifest Source from which all originates and in which all has existence. He has the power to select the time for us to return to him with the twinkling of an eye.  Of my many beliefs that I had been a part of I still had agnostic ideas coming and going thru my mind.  I cast my thoughts toward the east since the Sun rises and to me the Sun is the Life giver to the plants and herbs and also to mankind. Without this the Sun our bodies would die and without the guiding light or Spiritual Light we would die a spiritual death. His is why we should always try to involve our life within the Circle of Light. 
    I can recall my memories and tell you humbly that I had not seen many spirits until I was chosen to go to the spirit world.  It happened in 1990 about 14 years ago.  I had the misfortune of something happening to one of my kidneys. It has letting protein get into my blood stream.  My blood pressure had risen astronomically high.  Up at least in the 200 levels on both ends.  I really didn't feel quite well but I had gone to work and l decided to get permission to go to the doctor.  I had' been to a Physician before.  He questioned me and then he took my blood pressure.  He then arose and said very quickly.  We have to get you to a hospital as soon as possible.  I really didn't feel that bad.  He rushed me to the hospital and admitted me. They began hooking medical electronic equipment all over me.  Heart monitors, IV's and everything they could get on me.  The doctor began giving me medicine through the IV.  He gave me a sedative and then he went home and left me to sleep. I sleep a little but was not comfortable.  The nurse kept checking me all night.  Next morning the doctor came and checked me.  He said he was going to try another medicine to stabilize me.  He then left and the nurse began putting the medicine in my IV.  I suddenly noticed that my feet were feeling very hot and the hot feeling was moving up toward my knees.  I informed the nurse of the situation and how I felt.  She informed me that the doctor was a specialist and that he was a very competent doctor.  I was at their mercy.  After a few minutes I felt comfortable. 
    That evening the night nurse came and gave me some pills and then proceeded to inject some medicine in my IV.  I began having the same feeling like someone was lowering me into a container of hot water.  The feeling ran through my feet and keep rising up toward my knees.  I thought well it will stop there because it did before, but it keep on and soon was approaching my waist.  It finally ceased there and I was relieved.  I was beginning to worry.  I told the nurse and she said she would call the doctor.  She then came back and informed me that the doctor had said that all my vital signs were within limitations.           The morning nurse came in and I asked her if she was going to give me the same medicine.  She said she was told by the doctor to continue giving me the medicine.  She started putting it in my IV and it came so quickly, I could feel the heat moving up through my feet and then very quickly thru my chest and then it was around my throat, I felt as if I could not breathe.  I shouted to the nurse, I heart the heart monitor beep, beep, beep and then I heard it give out a continuous beep.  I could see everything that was happening around me, I  had risen out of my body and was floating above the room.  I could see the nurse run out of the room and people were calling out Code Blue, Code Blue. 
    I then was propelled through space into darkness.  I still could see everything that was happening.  I looked at myself and could see through myself as in spirit form. I still had the outline of my body and could recognize myself.  I finally stopped and it was very dark, I thought that I had been captured by the evil one.  I just hung there as if I was hanging on some black tar or fly paper.  I was not in pain or anything but I still could think.  I dont know how long that I hung there but I began to worry.  I thought that I had been taken to a holding place.  I knew that I did not want to be there. I could feel  the darkness consuming me. I knew that I was in trouble.  I started to ask for guidance.  I humbled myself and became very submissive.  When I had given up emotionally I then heard a voice, it was a masculine voice.  He said "Go to the Light".  I started looking for the light, I didn't see one.  I really got worried then.  The voice then said to me.  "Go to the Light" I tried to see the light and could not, then I turned my head to the right and saw a brilliant white light.  The light seemed to be a large circle and it was pulsating and moving toward me. I consecrated on the white bright light, it seem to be generating a power that i could feel. I felt as though i was being cleansed and i felt very pure and humble.  I was released suddenly and was instantly propelled toward the light.  I was flying through space at a high rate of speed.  I met the light head on and it struck me in the chest and at that instant I felt like I had became a new person.  I felt as pure as the brilliant white light.  It was though I was looking through a veil, a fog, I couldn't make out their faces, but I could see figures and we were separated by a chasm or void similar to a fog.  I was instructed to enter the light and then suddenly I heard a voice saying, Mr Doyle, Mr Doyle wake up.  I was suddenly back in my body.  The doctor was standing near the foot of the bed.  My friend came running through the room saying he had heard the Code Blue. I was very upset and told the doctor that I had complained about the medicine.  I told him he had killed me.  He said that I had lost oxygen to my brain.  I told him that I had went to the spirit world.  He laughed and said that I was wrong.  My nurse and my friend checked the heart monitor and it showed that they had stopped my heart about 3 minutes. They did not have to start my heart it somehow started beating by itself.  There was no brain damage or was there any damage to any other organs in my body. As of this day I am still in good health.  I knew that I had been to the spirit world and am thankful for being the one chosen that day to make that trip.  I am also thankful for all the mistakes that the hospital employees made.  I thank all of them since by their mistakes they made it possible for me to experience my out of body experience. Since then I regularly have spirits visit me.  I think that they think that I somehow know how to guide them to the portal or light that everyone will have to go through to get to the Creator or the spirit world. That is my knowledge of traveling to and through the three worlds, the Earth, The Middle World and the Upper World, and I leave it with you, for you to share with another brother or sister. This is my testimony of truth. This information is for educational purposes only.  WalkswithHawks/harvey

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