The spiritual journey toward balance begins with the first step:  opening your heart to a sincere wish or prayer to renew the spiritual vitality of your life. Because it truly is a responsive universe, if you are sincere and keep your body, mind, and spirit open, you will likely begin to see signs that point you toward your next step.  Too some this will be a first journey, to others this will be something that is already in your spiritual life. To others you may be grounded in ideology of another movement.  This is part of the journey as being a whole person, body, mind and spirit.
    You notice I first say body because we are human beings or physical and we are trying to be in balance physically with Mother Earth.  Our ancestors were always in balance with Mother Earth. This is the first part of the spiritual journey. It is necessary for us to walk this path physically to be able to experience the part of being whole.  This is the first part of being in balance. Out of balance is dis-ease or disease.
    The next step is mind.  We must learn to use the tools of our mind, intention, thinking, and imagination.  The active mind shapes thoughts and perceptions to give meaning to our experiences of the world.  Since we are physical we need to balance these into motion in our ever day lives. Separating the good from the bad. Like everything else in nature there needs to be a balance between quiet and active minds. This is hard for us now since we have been trained to be open minded to everything in our environment. We are brainwashed from our young years that thoughts should be dominated by what we hear and see from others.  Our active mind houses worldly ideals but we should be using our sub-conscious mind and listen to the quiet still voice of spirit.  As you unlock your sub-conscious mind you will discover the key to unlocking spiritual mental balance.
    The next step is spirit.  There is something in all of us that seeks spiritual.  The spiritual is inclusive. It is the deepest sense of belonging and participation.  We all participate in the spiritual at all times, whether we know it or not.  There’s no place to go to be separated from the spiritual.  Everything is spiritual in the eyes of the Creator.  So one might say that the spiritual is that realm of human experience which attempts to connect us to through religion and practice.  Sometimes it succeeds and sometimes it fails.  Religion is a bridge to the spiritual-but the spiritual lies beyond religion. It is also a gift from the Creator.  Unfortunately, in our quest or in seeking the spiritual we may become attached to a bridge rather than crossing over it. Be careful what bridge you cross because you could end wondering what really happened to your spirituality.
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