Spiritual Signature or Aura
    Everyone should know enough to read their own Aura and also with practical knowledge of the Aura, you will be able to read others.  It is good to know how to do this since you can determine if someone is lying to you and also if someone is what they call religious.  lf someone has a very darkened Aura then by all means stay away from that individual.  As you should know that everything has a Aura.  Everything in the Universe has vibrations.  Every atom, every part of an atom, every electron, every elementary "particle", even our thoughts and sub-conscious, conscious, are vibrations of the human brain.  We may define the Aura as a electro-photonic vibration or magnetic field that surrounds the object or our body.
Everything that is in existence has an Aura or ambient light that encompasses it.  That is why I call us the Children of LIght.  Everyone came from that light even as to say it biblically or another way you believe.  This definition is sufficient enough at this point to make one realize that we can see or read Auras objects, or living beings including animals.
    The most important information or property of the Aura is it seems to contain information about the subject or object you are reading.  The Aura around living (conscious) objects (people, plants) change with time, sometimes quickly.  Auras around non-living objects seem to remain fixed and do not change.  This is good to know if you are challenged by an object you will know if it is a living being, or object  that has been placed before to confuse you. 
    The Aura that surrounds the human body is partly composed of EM Electromagnetic radiation, spanning from Microwave, Infrared (IR) to Ultraviolet Rays(UV).  The low frequencies can be related to our DNA structure, metabolism, circulation and heat of our bodies.  It also can be related to our sub-conscious and conscious mind.  Research and experiments suggest that our DNA can be altered
by influencing our Aura.  This area has not been explored or researched as much as I want.  The
high frequency rays can been see by the naked eyes if you consecrate and look just over the person's
Why do we want to see Aura's?  Color and intensity of our Aura's explains to us many things.  Watching someone's Aura is like reading someone's mind or diagnosing a sickness.  You can  read another person's mind before he speaks depending on how good you can see his Aura. Your Aura has a way of changing color according to the strength of your magnetic field. I have been asked "Why do you sleep on a magnetic mattress?  Now you know.  You can also tell if another person is going to tell you a lie.  We cannot fake the Aura.  It is like a lie detector machine, but it works off the magnetic and ultraviolet rays that surround the body.  These electoral charges changes with mood swings and heart beats, blood pressure and brain waves or change of the neurotransmitters within the brain.  It shows our true nature an what intentions we have.  One must know how to read them according to the intensity of the light of the Aura.
     Our Aura is our spiritual signature.  When you see an individual with a bright, clean Aura, you can be sure that this person is a very good person.  You can also be assured that this person is a very advanced spiritual person.  This person is usually very modest, humble, and sometimes they are not aware of having a very bright Aura.  When you see a person with a gray or dark Aura, you may be assured that this person has unclear intentions, maybe evil, regardless how intelligent, impressive, eloquent, good looking, well dressed, he or she seems to appear to you.  Be very careful of this individual.  It is important to check the Aura of a religious leader, spiritual advisor, master, or guru.  This person should emit an Aura with a clean white or yellow-golden halo around his head.  If not then you would be better off on your own or better yet seek guidance from an individual  that has a good Aura or halo.  Joining a sect,
church, or an institution that is lead by incompetent leaders are dangerous for your consciousness. Ask yourself, Where is the danger?  If you follow in someone's footsteps and it comes a time to really use the information stored in your conscious mind from this lifetime, there may be almost no information useful because you have stored false information.  There may be nothing to use.You might be waiting in darkness and seeking the light and in ignorance you cannot perceive the light.
    Most religions, sects, cults, churches have one objective in sight, that is to extract money from you and power over you.  They might be able to deter you from the truth and somehow distract you from seeing the true light or the Circle of Light.  Everyone shall see this light.  If you focus on your life on following false rituals, and the flock of other people congregating then you may become lost.  One must follow his own heart it is is pure.  In this case you must relearn everything and maybe it will be too late before you walk through the valley of the shadow of death to see the light. 
    Remember how much emphasis that I strive to relay to others about the light.  One must remember where we attain this light.  This light became a part of us when the Great Spirit breathed our soul or spirit within us.  So in reality we can say that this is a gift from the Creator or Great Spirit.  This what the Medicine Men, Wise Men, were trying to relate to us.  Native Americans , Seers, Medicine Men and other Spiritual Leaders had this gift and talent long before the White men landed on this continent.  It is a shame that we were so unintelligent and did not learn from our ancestors. 
    Some people can read their own Aura and it is possible to heal ourselves.  We can recognize and diagnose malfunctions or diseases long before physical symptoms become evident  By conscious controlling your Aura you can help heal yourself.  Healing of the physical body is nothing in comparison to what seeing and reading can do for our consciousness, spiritual development and our awareness of nature.  Native American Shaman's, Seers, Medicine Men, and other Spiritual Leaders had this gift and talent long before the White Men landed on this continent.  What gift we could have been building on and what a gift we could have given to others.
    Every living thing on this Earth has a Aura.  Most people on Earth have a very dull and weak Aura. This seems to be a direct consequence of their way of life.  Their materialistic attitude, neglect, and suppressing the consciousness or subconscious minds decreases the intensity of our Aura.  Cultivating fear, envy, jealousy, and other similar emotions is in direct correlation to building a negative Aura.  It suppresses our true nature and our Aura's become suppressed also.  We strive to collect material things and build fortunes, but we neglect to build and collect spiritual knowledge that can build our spiritual energy and Aura.  This spiritual Aura is a direct connection to the Spirit World.
This information  has been gathered from readings and study and is the personal opinion of Walks With Hawks and is  for educational purposes only.

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