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S=Size up the situation.
    Consider yourself, the area or country that you are in, or the enemy whomever it may be domestic or foreign or the elements.  Hope for the best but be prepared for the worst. Recall your training or your experiences in life. After all you have got this far and you even intend to live and go farther. Think of your family or friends and how much they depend on you.
    Think of your faith and the Creator.  In this way you will increase your chances for success by being confident that you can survive. Take time to ask the Creator (God) to help you in this grave situation.  Get to a safe haven if in a urban area or to a safe and comfortable place as quickly as possible.  You must remember you need to blend into the area and loose yourself so that you will be invisible to the enemy not matter who, what it is. If you are caught in a open area use the foliage to cover yourself until dark and then proceed to another place nearby to hide. Plan the work and work the plan and always try to stick to your plan unless it is jeopardizing your safety.  Once there think things over, think and formulate your plan again to see it there are any flaws in it.  Your fear will lessen; your confidence will increase day by day.  Be calm. Take it easy until you know where you are and where you are going.
    Part of your fear may come from being alone, being in a strange situation, being in a strange environment, therefore try to determine where you are by landmarks, compass directions, or by recalling information that preceded your escape or wanderings. Put yourself in the enemy’s mind or shoes.  What would you do? Watch for habits and routines. Keep this in mind so that you may be able to move between their routines without being detected. Remember all who are organized have a routine so that they may operate effectively. You must take advantage of this effectiveness, this routine, these habits to be able to escape to better environments or to friends. You must work between their regular routines or habits Remember you know where he is  but as of this moment he does not know of your where-about. Keep this in mind.
U- Undue haste makes waste.  Don’t be too eager to move. Give yourself time to think. If you move to fast then it will make you careless  and impatient. A careless and impatient person is a determent to himself.  You may make mistakes that will alert the enemy to your family or to yourself. You were thinking of getting away so you ran head long into another enemy. Instead of laying low I fired my weapon at someone and was detected and captured. Now you are useless, yourself and your friends or family will have to survive alone without you. You didn’t work your plan so your plan didn’t work for all. You became impatient. You had planned to wait till night  but could not.  You left, KISS, keep it simple stupid. Don’t loose your temper. It may cause you to stop thinking. When something irritating happens, take a deep breath and relax; start over. Face the facts, danger does exist.  To try to convince yourself otherwise only adds to the danger. Don’t think this is not happening to me because it is. If need be pray for guidance and be prepared to listen.
R- Remember where you are.  You may give yourself away because you are used to acting in a certain way.  Doing what is natural might be the thing that gives your position away because what you done isn’t natural for that area. It is like some one on a train humming a song you remember, then you forget and start humming also, you have given yourself away to the situation. Never doubt the enemy. Teach yourself to operate on their turf and ground.
V- Vanquish fear and panic. Always remember to feel fear is normal and necessary.  It is nature’s way of giving you that extra shot of energy just when you need it. Learn to recognize fear for what it is and control it. Learn to use it for a positive effect.  Look carefully at the situation and determine if your fear is justified..   When you investigate the situation you will usually find that your fears are unfounded. When you are injured or wounded then fear is likely to overcome you.  Remember when you are in that situation this causes a person to act without thinking. Panic can also be caused by loneliness.  It can lead to hopelessness, thoughts of suicide, and carelessness even to the point of being detected or captured. Recognize these signs and traits and it will help you overcome them. Plan your escape will always keep your mind busy and help you to overcome fear. Prayer, reading the bible, or other religious observances will help to keep you calm.  Miracles work best for those who prepare carefully and do all they can to save themselves. The Creator will help us by when we call upon him but he wants us to help ourselves first. That is how we grow physicially and spiritually.
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