Survival is not Mandatory
    Modern day Terrorism increases the likelihood of you or your family becoming involved in survival. One must think of the era  we are living in .  A foreign force could overrun our troops and then we as citizens would be the last line of defense to protect our family or protect our freedoms and our country.  I would rather be running from the enemy, foreign or domestic than live in a caged society.  Survival is not mandatory but skills are essential if you want to survive.  If you are involved or have to become involved in surviving or retreating to the mountains then you will have to be prepared. (The Hopi Elders have gone to the United Nations and asked that there be peace and also they have said that when the large house in the sky is built then flee to the mountains, that house has been built.(Space Station).
    You could become isolated and find you or your family or friends dispersed away from civilization. You could be fleeing the onslaught of a catasphore. You could find yourself fleeing the city from angry people or gangs that need food or water. If you are not prepared then the those necessities can become your enemy especially if you do have the necessary survival tools. Your possibility of being cut off from your friends, units or friendly lines are quite possible.
    Your likelihood of becoming isolated and having to find water, food and shelter for many days, even weeks while trying to make it forward or backward to friendly forces or friends or units is very slim for the first few days.  You should try to keep your family, organization, or unit to small numbers so that you will not be easily detected.  If foreign troops or the enemy foreign or domestic are prevalent in the area then it is possible that a large group of personnel or families would be detected.
    I have spoken about civil unrest and also about foreign troops and domestic violence.  We need also to think of the elements such as nature. You need to prepare yourself and your family for such situations that Mother Nature can also toss at us. Tornados, Tsunami’s, Violent Storms, Snow Storms, Meteorites, Earthquakes and many more are possible.
    The ability to evade the enemy be it foreign or domestic and to escape if captured, both basic requirements of veterans, soldiers, or small units which could be families who have opted to survive.  The chances of being exposed to such an emergency are always present, especially when we stop to look mentally at the situation that the world is in. think ahead of what may happen. It is not a good situation to think about. I will try to help you build skills and provisions for emergencies or for such situations that could be on the horizon.
    These thoughts and experiences will help you to acquire the provisions. I will try to tell you how to travel, find water and food, shelter yourself and your family, and care for your sick personnel by the use of herbs and other things that Mother Nature has given us. 
    You should try to gain experience or individual skills such as map reading, using a compass or other directional guides (Global Positioning Units) or anything you feel comfortable with to be able to locate yourself or find others.  You should also know scouting, patrolling, camouflage, first aid, sanitation, personal hygiene, and possibly any other areas that will provide a good foundation on which to build good survival skill. You can always wimp out since Survival is not Mandatory.  A lot of the information that I have supplied  is no more than basic knowledge. You can use it to build further survival skills.
     You and your family can remain alive anywhere in the world when you keep your wits. Don’t become alarmed. (KISS). Keep it simple stupid. This is a major lesson in survival. Remember that nature and the elements are neither your friend nor your enemy. They are actually disinterested. Instead, it is your determination to  live and your ability to make nature or the elements work for you that are the deciding factors to survival.  Using what you have at hand is essential but also being prepared is also helpful and makes it easier to survive.
    There is one factor that we have to take in hand. The will to survive will play the utmost in your mind. There have been many people who have experienced hardships in their life.  They have been the first to say that without will power they could have not survived.  Survival is largely a matter of mental outlook, with the will to survive the deciding factor.  Whether it be with a group (family) or alone, you will experience  emotional problems resulting  from fear, despair, loneliness, and boredom. When I was child I experienced all of these.  In addition to these mental hazards, injury and pain, fatigue, hunger, or thirst, will play upon your will to live. If you will prepare yourself mentally to overcome all obstacles and accept the worst, the chances of coming out alive are better.
    If you are alone the shock of finding yourself isolated from your family or friends, in a desolate area or even in the enemy’s hands can be reduced or even avoided if you remember the keyword that I was taught in the military.  S-U-R-V-I-V-A-L.


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