Larry R. says: I am a diabetic and I have been using Walks with Hawks herbal tea for about a month and it seem to give me more energy. I also like it because it is all natural.

Jim D. says:  I have been using Walks with Hawks tea before he got his website going and I have not had a cold or flu in a long time.

Sarah D. says:  I enjoy Walks With Hawks Teas and i feel better when I drink them>  I know Walks with Hawks personally and can tell you that he creates these teas based on many decades of personal experience that started when as a child his grandfather took him into the fields and woods to help gather plants.

Mary said:  Walks with Hawks has knowledge and wisdom about herbs.  Everything on earth has a purpose and herbs are no different.  Studies hve shown the remarkable effects of herbs on an aging body.  I have been drinking an herbal mix for menopause.  My symptoms have decreased dramatically.  Personally, at age 51, I am making changes for this aging body.  I have ordered the Quit Smoking Tea and Change of LifeTea.  The past month has been a new beginning for me.  I have more energy and feel good all over.  Thank You.

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I got my package today. The DMSO is wonderful. I used it on my hands today. I can usually quilt for only a hour at a time with at least a hour break. Today I was able to work for nearly 3 hours before I had to stop and it wasn't my hands hurting this time. My eyes were getting tired. Thank you for telling me about DSMO. Sandy

Sandy Said:  Hi! the DMSO is really helping.  I've been able to work much longer since I started using it.  I've been using it on my legs and feet when they hurt.  Makes them feel much better.

Mary:  I have been on herbal tea for six to eight months and it is part of my daily routine.   I like the Twelve Way Herbal tea the best it has all the ingredients in it that I need. I also like the Colloidal Silver and I havent been sick since I havent been sick since I have been using Walks With Herbal Teas and Colloidal Silver.

The Federal Drug Administration has not evaluated any of these statements.  All information is to be construed as educational. Always consult your health care provider or physician before using herbs.

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