In Practice:  How to Reinterpret Your Body
Exercise #1
    My first step toward experiencing my body in a different way is to change my interpretation of it. In the quantum world we are constantly making and unmaking our bodies.  Behind each illusion of being a solid, a stable object, the body is a process, and as long as that process is directed toward renewal the cells of my body remain new, no matter how much time passes or how much entropy we are exposed to.  This exercise will help me open up new perceptions in my mind.  I have been locked into feelings of isolation, fragmentation, and separateness. I have looked at my hand very closely.  Seeking out the lines, the fragmentation of the skin, and also how it is joined to my body or arm. It is a part of this material world.  I will attempt to thaw out my hand and give it a different appearance with my senses of quantum space.  I am relaxed here and start sinking even deeper into quantum space.  I visualize darkness; I look for a visible star, a direct connection of light.  The blackness closes in; I am in a place of where everything is gone.  There is no such thing as before or after.  In my mind I am everywhere and everything.  My hand is still there and it still exists.  I have crossed the fourth dimension.
Exercise #2 Closing the Gap
    I will imagine Mother Earth surrounded by lines of magnetic force radiating out of the north and south magnetic poles.  When you are near a magnet you might not see it but you can feel the invisible magnetism or its energy.  My body emanates electromagnetic frequencies; I am just another expression of the same field.  The vibrations of energy within my body makes a statement that I am a part of this quantum energy.  The pulsating of my nerve signals racing along my limbs, the electric charge emitted by my heart cells, and the faint field of current surrounding my brain all demonstrate that I am not separate from any form of energy in the universe. No matter how separate anything appears to the senses, nothing is separate at the quantum level.  The quantum field exists in around me and through me.  Each of my cells is a local concentration of information and energy.  I am energy, wholeness of information, and part of the body of the universe.  If I can sustain this feeling and knowledge I can break or loosen the hold of aging and detour entropy.
Exercise #3:  Breathing the Field
    I can sit comfortably in a chair with my eyes closed.  Gently and slowly inhaling through my nostrils, imagining that I am drawing air from an infinite area far away.  Imagine I am sending the air back to it source far away.  I have a thread that extends to the limit of outer space or quantum space connecting me by each breath.  Each breath is returned back to me.  It helps rebuild my body.  Each cell is part of my communication with the universe.
Exercise #4:  Redefining
    I can now think of my body as flowing instead of solid, flexible not rigid, quantum versus material.  Dynamic not static, composed of information and energy instead of random chemical reactions.  I am a network of intelligence instead of a mindless machine without cells.  Fresh and ever re-newing and not entropic and aging.  Timeless instead of time-bound to my own unintillegence. I know that I can change by giving the unconscious new assumptions and beliefs to consecrate with.  The gap between old, isolated self, and the image of me as an ageless- timeless being starts to lose ground and dissipate into quantum space.
In Practice:  Using the Power of Awareness
Exercise #1:  Paying Attention to Your Body
    I have chosen to sit with my eyes closed in a chair. I am placing my attention on the toes of my right foot.  I am curling them down until they feel tense, then I release the tension and feel the sense of relaxation; I let out a deep long sigh as if I am breathing through my toes.  I am letting all the stored fatigue and tension flow away with each breath. I also continue to cover other parts of my body such as left foot, right buttock and upper thigh, abdominal muscles, lower back, upper back, my left hand, fingers, shoulders, neck and face.  These exercises are designed to prove that I can consciously direct the flow of energy and information in my body.  There are major benefits to be gained once I begin to consciously use my awareness.
Exercise #2:  Focused Intention
         I have taken a string about twelve inches long and tied it to a fishing sinker.  I held it in my right hand with my arm resting on the table and I have tried numerous times but could not get it to move at this time.  I will continue to practice and I think that it is possible for it to move sometime with a lot of practice.  I was successful in holding my right hand open, palm upward and thinking that I had my left hand on a hot stove.  I did feel some sensation in my right hand getting slightly warm.  I tried breathing through my mouth feeling the cool air in my throat as it moved in and out.  I could see no visible change on the thermometer.  I will try again and I think it will work if practiced.  This sensitivity is necessary, because the new paradigm tells us that aging begins as a distortion in the field of awareness.
Exercise #3:  A Trigger for Transformation
    I will sit down quietly with my eyes closed and try to pay attention to my breathing, watching the fall and rise of my chest.  I try to relax and think of my childhood.  I can see my father walking up the path.  He was wearing an army uniform.  It seemed like it took him forever to walk up the steep path to Grandfather’s house.  I didn’t know it then but he was going off to war to never return. I cherish the words that he spoke to me.  I will never forget them.  I would like to return to that moment and be able to speak to my father.  I have a lot of words that I could say now but back then words were not there.  This was my moment and it was a very powerful one.  Details are not important just the feeling of being able to see my father in his uniform.  With every fiber in my soul I would like to return to such moments to participate in it, not just recalling it, and the intensity of desiring has given me a feeling of being light, happy and it seems to stop time. I have triggered the transformation in my body as if this moment has just happened.
Exercise #4:  Intentions and the Field
    I will try by sitting quietly and breathing normal and keep my mind and spirit calm inside. I intend to realize the outcome that I want.  Specifically I would like to heal a place on my arm. I can continually say to my self and to my cells that they have the intelligence to help heal me. I need to think naturally and relax and not intentionally force myself to think.  It should come naturally. I turn by body over to my intelligent cells.  I can expect and believe the outcome will be favorable.  In fact I know it will be done.  I cannot let doubt, worry, or attachment to other things interfere with my success.  I have communicated the message and it has been received and the result is on the way. I must let the void work for me.  I can expect feed back will come to me either inside myself or from the environment.  All of the feedback was elicited by me and only me.  Awareness of healing can come back in a thousand directions.  I shall keep all channels open and experience, more energy, more alertness, more enthusiasm, more creativity, and keep all mental and physical capacities open on all levels.
In Practice:  The Wisdom of Uncertainty
Exercise #1:  Freeing Your Interpretations
    My life can only be as free as I perceive it.  Every thing I think and each situation I see my past in it.  Every interpretation is interpreted and it is rooted in the past.  To know and interpret this is a positive step forward for me, a step toward freeing myself from the past.  Quantum living is living in the present not the past.  Stress is interpreting the past experiences and dwelling on that experience.  I must realize that I have an interpretation.  It could have been a conflict with a friend or maybe a thing of the past.  I tell myself that my viewpoint is limited.  I don’t have to be in control.  I can flow with the situation.  I can take another look at the other person’s view.  Is my view point still valid?  I need to focus on the process not the outcome.  I must realize that I don’t need to be in control of the road that I am on and I really don’t need to know where I am going.  I can ride with the situation until the situation or problem has run its course.  All of these thoughts create a spontaneous moment of freedom.  I feel that I have reached my goal.
Exercise #2:  Peeling the Onion of the Past
    The past is like a cake, layered together in many different flavors.  It is a complex situation full of occurrences and I would like to revise it.  All things seem to turn out different.  I want to escape the fantasy, revenge, yearning, sorrow, self-reproach and guilt.  I must pass to a different place where there is no feeling like these.  It is a deeper place where everything is all right.  This place is a form of simple awareness of comfort.  It is my sanctuary.  It is the area that I seek to ease all tension, it is an area of meditation.  I am perfect as I am.  Everything in my life is working toward my ultimate good.  I am loved and I am love.  When I resist the flow of life then I am resisting awareness.  There is truth about myself at every level of my awareness.  I am awareness and spirit.  My spirit and awareness is connected with a fine thread to a higher spirit of awareness.  This helps me to realize my purpose is to grow with consciousness and not to keep myself buried in the dark depths of unawareness.
Exercise #3:  Living in the Present
    Everything I think and feel reflects who I am.  To get to know who I really am I will have to feel from a superficial level of awareness.  I have to strive toward deeper awareness and to find love, compassion, trust, and truth that is who I really want to be.  Is that me?  Can I cope with my past, imprints of my awareness?  If I cannot live with them then I am living in the past.  To find my true self I will have to search in the present.  My emotions only arouse two sensations:  pain and pleasure.  I must label my pain and anger so that I can deal with it.  Pain and anger causes inward depression.  I must overcome pain and anger and depression will dissolve with it.  Forgiveness is the only way to overcome anger and pain.  It releases my own hurt and heals from within.  The discovery from the past experiences is a discovery of freedom.  It gives me the experience of timelessness in which past, present and future are revealed as illusions compared to true reality, which is always here and now.
In Practice:  Breath of Life
Exercise #1:  Body Breathing
    I have selected to sit outside under a mighty oak tree.  The wind is gently blowing and you can hear Mother Nature playing a love song for all that can hear.  As I exhale I gently let my attention flow through my ears.  My thoughts seem to ride with the wind through the trees. I see different things as I continue to gently breathe.  I pull the air in through my nostrils and still direct my thoughts to listening.  With my mouth open I breathe through it and realize that you can taste the air for what it is. Simple awareness of breath is wonderful.  Now my attention is diverted to my chest.  I feel the clean air expanding my lungs and I let it expel where the breastbone and ribs join.  I become aware of my body and how it is becoming aware of Mother Nature. It is harmony and awareness built into serenity.
Exercise #2:  The Expanding Light
    I stand with my eyes closed, arms down at my side and try to relive my last experience
of importance.  It was a feeling of being happy, vibrant, and carefree.  It was a lovable experience.  I recall it vividly in my mind.  I think of this as I inhale slowly through my nose and begin to spread my arms out slowly.  My thoughts are as I inhale that my breath is expanding from my chest.  My arms are attracted by a light and this is what is opening my arms and raising them from my side.  My favorite color is blue so this light has a blue color.  As the light expands I feel a moment of pleasure and happiness.  This light seems to grow with my thoughts and it is expanding all around me.  It is covering my whole body.  I start exhaling through my nose and I bring my arms back down along side of my body.  The light moves down into my chest and into my heart.  All of these movements open my body; I fill with breath, awareness, and enjoyment all at once with each movement.  This seems to let my breath and light penetrate into every channel of my body.  I have experienced part of the Vata connection.
In Practice:  The Timeless Way
Exercise #1:  Creative Action Plan
     I have a routine that I follow each day. Everyone has one.  This routine allows little room for genuine creativity unless we choose to make room for it.  In quantum terms there is infinite space for creativity, because every second is full of unlimited choices and unseen possibilities.  I plan to begin to make space for the new and unknown possibilities.  In this way I can open the way for deeper powers to emerge from the gaps of everyday existence.  I must learn to experience silence.  I have to block out some of our unlimited choices to make room for it.  I plan to try to spend more time working with nature and feeling our connection to Mother Earth.  I will work on writing a journal and recording my emotions and feelings.  I will develop skills to remain centered and calm when everything around me is in confusion.  I will free myself from outside influence and become unattached from things that overshadow my real self.  These are the affirmations that I need to work on.
Exercise 2:  Being Love versus Being in Love
    I agree that love is the surest road back to being.  Love can be defined as everything is made of consciousness, and when we experience consciousness purely, with no extraneous images or assumptions, that is love.  Being in love is not the same state as this.  Love to me is the merging of feelings and truth. Reality of love is the great revelation of unity of consciousness, the moment when a person can truthfully say, “I am the All”, and, “I am Love” in the same breath.  Love is the feeling-state that is always present when a person is perfectly aligned with the flow of Dharma.  The force of love changes reality with the perceiver.  Chemical love fades away with changes of the body.  Real love gains complete satisfaction simply by flowing out to what is loved; if love comes back, that is an added joy, but it isn’t required or demanded.  Love that has no ulterior motive is real love.  Come out of the circle of time and find yourself within the circle of love.  Love is universe, man, woman and most of all creation.
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