Now when the sun was so lazy on the heat of the settling of the hills or it was called in these times as setting, all they that had any sick with diverse diseases brought them unto the power of its light; and the light bore his hands on every one of them, and they were healed.   Medicine men, women, prophets, and teachers in most of the world’s great legions of light have been credited with the power to heal through touch. Have we lost the touch? Touch me that I might be healed. Can we all touch Mother Earth so she might be healed through in and out?  In our own time, report modes of healing that involves the “laying on of hands” are many.  Affectionate touch, whenever appropriate, in communicating with dying people and grieving family members, is recognized as an effective therapeutic measure.  The dying experience extreme loneliness as they leave everything they have known and loved.  Reassuring touch can reconnect them with the family, the community of support.  Healing of this type is a healing of the spirit and therefore healing of the spirit also heals us physically. 
    It is not the skin alone that is touched it is a whole person even a whole planet or universe for those who believe.  Touching brings with it a stimulation of the capillaries that increases blood flow to the area, a sharing of body heat, a sensation and a relaxation of muscular tension.  Each of these factors will encourage the normal healing process.  But more important, perhaps, is the way touching comforts a confused and troubled mind, provides security for a lonely and scared victim, and communicates love, person to person. Embracing or just longing to embrace another species is so comforting to the human soul and physical body.  You probably know that pain is increased by anxiety, and that emotional imbalance feeds physical disease. Longing for that embrace and knowing it is absent is also realization that something is lost.  Touch serves to ground a patient in the realization that he or she is not alone. A lone soul or physical body is a body in sickness and turmoil Embracing is that assurance that brings healing.  For ages parents have used hugs and kisses to heal their children’s hurts.  Putting an arm around an asthma sufferer at the onset of an attack will frequently stop it.  We as animals on Mother Earth are blessed with this spirit or energy field that wants to merge with others.  I call this urge a reaction to the spirit or body when it is need of love.  Love heals all.
    When you are hurt, your hands will automatically move to the area of pain.  Part of this is for protection.  The other part is that we connect our hands with some ability to relieve or remove pain.  A man or woman will grasp his/her sprained ankle.  A child curls up in a fetal position, hands covering her aching belly.  A woman with a headache will frequently rub or hold her head.  Watch a person with severe toothache; you will almost always see a hand tightly pressed against the cheek and jaw.  We attempt to heal ourselves through touch without much awareness.  To be able to use it more consciously can be a very powerful method of relaxation and pain reduction. We depend on our touch each day to identify with each other. We depend on touch to teach us how to identify even with our eyes closed.  Touch is one of our keen and most important senses. I believe each time we touch we heal to some extent. Just looking at someone can also heal from within.  This love never-ending and not experienced by all those who walk upright.  Animals have a power to love with no boundaries and also to heal with their touch with all who come into contact with them. 
     Some people think that touch is the Vitamin "T." Touch seems to be as essential as sunlight. Babies who are held are more alert and healthier. Without hugs and caresses, people of all ages sicken and grow starved for touch. The organ for touch is the skin and it stretches over the whole body and is the largest organ on the body. Touch stimulates the release of endorphins, the body's answer to tranquilizers and stimulants. Just as the introduction of pets into nursing homes and chronic care wards answers some of the need for touch, so touch is so prevalent in our lives that without touch we would be blind to love. Touch is ever conquering and touch is ever loved.
We are alone in our separate bodies, yet to live we must connect with each other in order to belong and get our needs met. Touch is the primary way we contact and connect with each other. Touch is the experience of how I meet you and and you meet me and we meet the world. We touch the world, and the world touches us. Touch is a contact function. We meet the world outside of ourselves, outside the boundary of our skin, we make contact with the boundary of our skin. Our skin is the antennae that feels, touches, contacts the world. With touch, we meet the world outside of ourselves in a vibrant, alive, nourishing way. With touch we meet, connect, bond, belong.   Try to touch and love everyone in your life and let it heal you from within..

Walks With Hawks/harvey